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“In God We Trust” and bad faith

In Nothing We Trust National Journal – RON FOURNIER – Apr 21, 2012 Muncie is a microcosm of a nation whose motto could be, β€œIn Nothing We Trust.” Seven in 10 Americans believe that the country is on the wrong … more

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Let them eat nuts and bolts

Forbes reveals that farmers are at the top of the list of careers headed for the dustbin in the US: food production increasingly outsourced. Jobs Outlook 2012: Careers Headed For The Dustbin Forbes – JENNA GOUDREAU – Feb 7, 2012 … more

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Human Society or Animal Society?

“Last Train Home” – The Video Documentary Of The Human Cost Behind China’s Stunning Growth Story Zero Hedge – TYLER DURDEN – Oct 16, 2011 We all know that China has the biggest skyscrapers, the fastest growing economy, and the … more

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