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You Call This Science?

Science today, maybe not tomorrow

Is the Peer Review Process for Scientific Papers Broken? Time – MELINDA BALDWIN – Apr 29, 2014 If peer review is indeed broken, as some observers have claimed, an important part of fixing it may be adjusting our expectations of it. It seems a bit ambitious to ask any bureaucratic process to distinguish scientific successes from ...

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In gold we trust

Atheists Lose Latest Battle To Remove ‘In God We Trust’ From U.S. Currency

Huffington Post (Reuters) – LAUREN MARKOE – May 29, 2014

The plaintiffs, a group that included humanists and minor children, argued before a federal appeals court that the words amount to a government endorsement of religion, disallowed by the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. They further held that, forced to carry around a religious statement in their pockets and pocketbooks, their constitutionally guaranteed right to freely exercise religion is being violated. more

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Where’s Germany’s gold?

Germany’s missing gold, ServiceMaster [SERV] and Michaels [MIK] IPO

Communities Digital News – TERRY PONICK – Jun3 24, 2014

The greater question — too complicated to get into here — involves increasingly clear evidence that, via paper contracts and ETFs, the international banking system is lending and re-lending physical gold reserves to keep gold’s price under $1300 per ounce as regularly as possible. more

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Ganges River in danger of drying up?

India election: How an Indian holy city is killing mighty Ganges

Gulf News – BOBBY NAQVI – May 4, 2014

Prof Tripathi said, in the last two decades pollution has become a secondary issue. “The main concern is whether in the coming decades water will flow in Ganga or not,” he said. “There is a continuous decrease in quantum and velocity of water. more

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Guru vandana – Hansadutta at Berkeley ISKCON temple

Guru vandana - Hansadutta at Berkeley ISKCON temple

Kirtan at New Jagannatha Puri, ISKCON Berkeley

Kirtan at New Jagannatha Puri, ISKCON Berkeley

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