Where’s Germany’s gold?

Germany’s missing gold, ServiceMaster [SERV] and Michaels [MIK] IPO

Communities Digital News – TERRY PONICK – Jun3 24, 2014

The greater question — too complicated to get into here — involves increasingly clear evidence that, via paper contracts and ETFs, the international banking system is lending and re-lending physical gold reserves to keep gold’s price under $1300 per ounce as regularly as possible.

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What’s a promise worth?

excerpt from Garden Conversation, June 28, 1976, New Vrindaban:

Formerly in the currency, when you go to take some exchange, it was the etiquette of the teller to ask you, “What you want, silver money, gold money or paper money?” It was their duty. If you say “I want gold money,” they will pay in gold money. Not only it is written in the paper, “I promise to pay,” but the promise was kept. If he wants, “Give me payment in gold,” they will pay.

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