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What should be done with the Deities’ Gold?

Pressure on the Indian Rupee has got the government scrambling to find money, and they’re reaching into the coffers of temples. Indian Temples Fight Back Against Government Gold Grabbing Plot Zero Hedge – Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg – Oct … more

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In the news: Vrindavan ashram for widows

Vrindavan has made the news in photos by Adnan Abidi, published by Reuters, depicting widows who reside at the Meera Sahavagini ashram, where they receive shelter, training and employment. Welcome refuge for India’s widows Reuters via Yahoo! News – Mar … more

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Announcing new website:

Madhudvisa das (host of and compiler of Prabhupada DVD and MP3 Libraries) writes: Already there are over 100 great articles from Srila Prabhupada’s original pre-1977 Back to Godhead magazines with all the beautiful color photos. These are much better … more

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Controversy over mother of all languages

Researchers identify present day Turkey as origin of Indo-European languages Washington Post – HRISTIO BOYTCHEV – Aug 24, 2012 By using novel methods developed for tracing the origins of virus outbreaks, researchers say they have identified present-day Turkey as the … more

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