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Iraq’s liberation, the Arab Spring and the democratic revolution

Saddam’s statue: the bitter regrets of Iraq’s sledgehammer man Guardian – PETER BEAUMONT – Mar 9, 2013 “Then we had only one dictator. Now we have hundreds,” he says, echoing a popular sentiment in a country mired in political problems … more

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“In God We Trust” and bad faith

In Nothing We Trust National Journal – RON FOURNIER – Apr 21, 2012 Muncie is a microcosm of a nation whose motto could be, β€œIn Nothing We Trust.” Seven in 10 Americans believe that the country is on the wrong … more

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Different standards of happiness

U.N. summit focuses on how to improve global happiness PRI – Apr 3, 2012 The United Nations on Monday turned its attention to happiness β€” and just how it might be achieved on an international scale.

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Gambling away this human life

Where does Mega Millions money go after the jackpot? CBS News – ARMEN KETEYLAN – Mar 30, 2012 In 2011, more Americans played the lottery than regularly attended church, bringing in $56 billion last year alone.

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