Archaeologists would upturn historians’ dismissal of Vedic literature

Krishna unexplored: Scientists

Times of India – PRATIKSHA RAMKUMAR – Feb 18, 2012

CHENNAI: While the Western world has been doing cutting edge research on Jesus Christ and the Bible, India lags far behind in tracing the legacy, life and times of its kings and heroes, feel archaeologists.

Scientists have discovered the sunken city of Dwaraka, but Krishna still remains more of a mythological figure, they add, mostly because of lack of manpower and funds.

“We should start treating our epics as history, not legends. There is enough scientific evidence for this, and a lot more needs to be done,” says T K V Rajan, an archaeologist now organizing an exhibition on the scientific discoveries on Christ and Krishna at Parvati Art Gallery on Eldams Road.

“We hardly try connecting our finds to our epics. We find a pot, tank or inscription, but we do not bother to join the dots,” says Rajan.

Archeologists and ocean scientists made a sensational discovery of Dwaraka under the Gulf of Khambat in 2001 and of coins with imprints of Lord Krishna and Balarama, issued by an Indo Greek king in Afghanistan. But precious little was done as follow-up. Go to story

The archaeologists are baffled as historians continue to discount the Vedic literatures as myths.

The historical perspective
Ordinary people see many different religions. But that is not at all correct. There is only one religion, and the original religious codes known to mankind are the Vedas. The standard for human thought and action in every field, whether government, military and politics, health, mathematics, agriculture, astronomy, poetry, music, art, philosophy—practically every branch of knowledge and human endeavor—is the Vedas. Vedic culture, Vedic knowledge and Vedic religion are the foundation of human civilization, just looking at it from a historical perception. Every other religion is really only a fractional derivative of the original, pure religion. Like Buddha. He was a Vedic prince, and derived His outlook of the world from the Vedic perspective preserved and taught by brahmanas and brought up in a culture permeated with Vedic tradition, although he later rejected the authority of the Vedas. Buddhism is therefore a derivative of some sort from the Vedas. Like opium, morphine and heroine are all derivatives from poppy seeds. So the closer we get to the source, the more pure and potent. Vedic religon, culture and knowledge is the origin of all that has trickled down through the millennia in the form of art, music, poetry, politics, religion, etc. Actually, the origin exists still. Thus we can consider that these variant cultures and religions are aftermarket products. Whatever exists in the world under the heading of religion is nothing but an adulterated derivative of the original thing. more

excerpt from letter to Janardhan, Los Angeles, March 2, 1969:

We should train our disciples as well as ourselves in such a spirit that even if the whole world is against us, which is impossible to happen, the Sankirtana Movement must be pushed on without any reference to archeological evidence or any such scientific advancement of knowledge. Besides that, the argument that archeological evidence will lead many people to accept the philosophy of Lord Caitanya has no evidence. For example, the Christian religion principle is now established in archeological evidence, but still it is not that the whole people of the world are attracted by Christian religion. Even a great scientist, Professor Albert Einstein, was Jewish by religion, but because the Christian religion gives evidential proof of archeological discovery, still he did not become a Christian. No religion or no principle is accepted by the whole world; that is a fact. I can give you a statement of Albert Einstein in which he says “The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is in the sensation of the mystical. It is a shower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, he who can no longer stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power which is revealed in the comprehensible universe forms my idea of God.”
I think that our Hare Krishna Movement is just following the same concept of God by awakening the dormant transcendental emotion of the human being without any consideration of religious faith. In our camp all of my disciples are coming from different faiths, mostly Christians or Jews, and why are they accepting this Sankirtana Movement, unless there is the awakening of mystical emotion described by a great scientist like Albert Einstein.

If somebody does not accept Caitanya Mahaprabhu for want of archeological evidence, it will not hamper our movement. There is sufficient archeological evidence in this connection, and it can be supplied from various sources which are in India. There is even archeological evidence of Vyasadeva which was recently propounded by one Dr. Cakravarti. I personally saw this in a monthly magazine of Calcutta of the name Mother in which I was giving my articles. If you like, you can inquire from them or such institutes as Caitanya Research Institute, started by my godbrother, Tirtha Maharaja. That is not a very difficult task.

Actually we have nothing to do with compromising with Christians or Buddhists. Our principles should be to preach Krishna Consciousness as it is spoken in the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. As we are now collecting some fortunate students in our movement, similarly, it will be possible to collect more students in the future. But it is a fact that the unfortunate persons who stick to the four material misbehaviors, just like illicit sex life, etc. cannot accept these principles of Krishna Consciousness. But still there is chance for them simply by giving aural reception to this transcendental sound of Hare Krishna Mantra. If we turn our attention to fit with the Christian people, or any other religious sect, I think it will not be very much fruitful because nobody will change his faith even though he is given scientific or archeological evidences. And that will also not help anybody. We have already discussed this point in many articles and change in religious faith does not make one advanced in spiritual understanding. The spiritual understanding as taught by Lord Caitanya is that all living entities are eternally servants of God. We have to propagate this philosophy, and for this we have to make propaganda. Every religion believes in God, and we want that everyone should actively come to this understanding of accepting one’s eternal servitorship to God.

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