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In recent news: 50 Million Dollar diamond heist in Belgium; Not so recent: Kohinoor diamond one among many the British plundered from India

Britain to India: Diamond in royal crown is ours Reuters – Feb 20, 2013 British Prime Minister David Cameron says a giant diamond his country forced India to hand over in the colonial era that was set in a royal … more

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Controversy over mother of all languages

Researchers identify present day Turkey as origin of Indo-European languages Washington Post – HRISTIO BOYTCHEV – Aug 24, 2012 By using novel methods developed for tracing the origins of virus outbreaks, researchers say they have identified present-day Turkey as the … more

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Evidence of ancient, worldwide Vedic civilization

In 2007, Times of India reported the unearthing of an ancient Vishnu idol in an old village in Russia: Ancient Vishnu idol found in Russian town Times of India – PTI – Jan 4, 2007 MOSCOW: An ancient Vishnu idol … more

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Archaeologists would upturn historians’ dismissal of Vedic literature

Krishna unexplored: Scientists Times of India – PRATIKSHA RAMKUMAR – Feb 18, 2012 CHENNAI: While the Western world has been doing cutting edge research on Jesus Christ and the Bible, India lags far behind in tracing the legacy, life and … more

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