Hogs and dogs, lions and tigers

What if it’s about them?

Youtube – Judge Napolitano, Fox News Freedom Watch – Feb 13, 2012

“What if what we call public opinion is just a manufactured narrative that makes it easier to convince people that if their views are different, then there’s something wrong with that, or there’s something wrong with them? What if the whole purpose of the Democratic and Republican parties was not to expand voters’ choices, but to limit them? What if the widely perceived differences between the two parties was just an illusion? What if…?” Go to video

The math of democratic elections means coming up with the lowest common denominator between the electorate and the candidates.
Voting for people from whom we wouldn’t even buy a used car

Fools Elected by Fools
“Oh, you should have democracy. You can vote.” Vote for what? Two men are running for office, and ten million people are voting. So what is the big choice? Both of them are rogues. Fool’s paradise. The people are foolish, and they are given the right to vote. “You vote.” So amongst all the fools, they select one grand fool. And he will lead them. more

excerpt from interview with writer Sandy Nixon, Philadelphia, July 13, 1975:

SANDY NIXON: I’ve got a good question. How can we get a God conscious leader in this country? As a president in this country.

PRABHUPADA: President?

JAYATIRTHA: How to get a God conscious leader?

SANDY NIXON: God conscious president.

PRABHUPADA: Yes, if you train people to become God conscious, then naturally president will come, God conscious. If you train people like hogs and dogs, then the president will be hogs and dogs because it is democracy. (laughter) Therefore we have taken the task to train people how to become godly. Then naturally the president will come godly. If people decide that “We shall not cast our vote to any man who is not Krishna conscious,” then the Krishna conscious man will come. But people are not trained up. They are fools, so they elect another fool, big fool. That’s all. How you can be happy? Just like in the forest the small animals like cats and dogs and asses, they are very much afraid of the lion, tiger. And they accept lion as the king of forest. But he may be lion or tiger and elected by asses and cats and dogs, but he is nothing but animal. Will any human being accept the lion as human being? No. He knows that he is an animal. Maybe he is voted by the small animals. So that is the position. At the present moment the mass of people are kept in their animal consciousness. And therefore they elect another big animal to become president. Their idea is to have animal strength, jaws and nails and very powerful—”Oh, he is God,” or “He is president.” They cannot select anyone else. But formerly, in the Vedic civilization, a king was elected by the first-class men of the society, the saintly persons, the brahmanas. They did not take part in politics, but they recommended that “This man should…” Just like Krishna. He wanted Yudhisthira must be the king. Because king is supposed to be God’s representative, how to rule over, not that these cats and dogs will find out a lion and vote him to the chair. That is not the process. Your modern process is that the electors, they are not trained up, and they elect another big animal to become the president. Therefore it is failure. All over the world this is going on. This so-called democracy… Unless people are very much trained up, the election by the mass is not very good. Rather, a first-class men, they should nominate that “This man should be president.” That will be nice. Your question was “How to find out president, good”? So this is the process. So there is no intelligent class of man. That is the difficulty. Who is trying to control his mind, control his senses? This is the first condition to become a first-class man. As soon as a man sees a beautiful woman, immediately his mind is agitated. Where is the control? And as soon as the mind is agitated, the senses are agitated. And this is the first condition of the first-class man, that he should not be agitated in his mind, and agitated by senses. This is the first condition. So where is that school who is training to, how to control the mind, how to control the senses, how to become truthful, how to become cleansed, internally, externally. These are the signs of first-class men. So we are trying our little bit to make some men as first class.

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