Science of Scrambled Eggs

How to Hatch a Dinosaur – THOMAS HAYDEN – Sep 26, 2011

Horner’s plan, in essence, is to start off by creating experimental atavisms in the lab. Activate enough ancestral characteristics in a single chicken, he reasons, and you’ll end up with something close enough to the ancestor to be a “saurus.” At least, that’s what he pitched at this year’s TED conference, the annual technology, entertainment, and design gathering held in Long Beach, California. “When I was growing up in Montana, I had two dreams,” he told the crowd. “I wanted to be a paleontologist, a dinosaur paleontologist—and I wanted to have a pet dinosaur.”

Already, researchers have found tantalizing clues that at least some ancient dinosaur characteristics can be reactivated. Horner is the first to admit that he doesn’t know enough to do the work himself, so he’s actively seeking a developmental biology postdoctoral fellow to join his lab group in Montana. Horner has the big ideas, and he has some seed funding.

Now all he needed to make it happen, he told his TED audience, was a few breakthroughs in developmental biology and genetics and all the chicken eggs he could get his hands on. “What we’re trying to do is take our chicken, modify it, and make,” he said, “a chickenosaurus.” Go to story

We give this challenge to any scientist, that “You are unnecessarily, uselessly working to produce life from chemicals.” That is our challenge. “You cannot do it.”

excerpt from Evening Darshan, Washington D.C., July 8, 1976:

PRABHUPADA: This is the beginning of spiritual education, to understand that the living entity is eternal and the body is changing. And then next question will be that if the body is changing, then this body will be changed, so after my death what kind of body I am going to accept? That is education. That is education. And if I remain blind, I do not care, and next life I become a dog, then what is the value of my present education? In spite of all education, next life I am going to become a dog or tree, then what is the value of my education? That education is not. Throughout the whole world perhaps we are giving this education. Throughout the whole world, find out any institution or university where this education is given. No. Simply big, big talks. And you talk something nonsense and take laureate, Nobel Laureate. That’s all. It is going on. Somebody is talking nonsense that life is produced from matter, from chemicals, and if we challenge, “All right, combine some matter in egg form and bring life,” that rascal will say, “No, it will take millions of years.” And if the bird is giving life in five days, why you are taking doctorate title? Give the chicken doctorate title. The rascals are simply bluffing the people. This is going on in the name of education. Can anyone produce life by a combination of chemicals? And these rascals are advertising. We challenge, “All right, not very big thing. Egg, you can see there is some white substance and yellow substance, and you are very big scientist, you find out what are the chemicals and combine it and put it under legs of the chicken or in the incubator and bring life. Otherwise, why you are talking nonsense and cheating people?” Not only cheating people, people are becoming godless. Everything is science. And the science is this, cheating, that life can be produced by chemicals.

…They cannot do anything, and still they are drawing high salary. Especially when they say that life is made of chemicals and they cannot experimentally prove it. How bluffing it is. We say a simple thing, that “Don’t talk of big, big life. You just produce from the egg, because egg you require so many chickens to cut their throat. So produce it from chemicals.” Why do they not do it? Is anyone to answer this? If life is chemical combination, you see in the egg there is some white substance, some yellow substance, so you analyze and find out what are the chemicals and combine it and color it yellow and pack up in a cellulose cover, and then put it, bring life. Why they cannot do it? Where is the science? Simply talking big, big words? What do you think? Am I right or wrong?

MR. BOYD: What do I think? Well, it’s very difficult at this particular time. It hasn’t been done yet; it’s been claimed, as you say. Yet we as individuals request them to do that, for some reason.

PRABHUPADA: Yes, unless they do that, what is the use? What is the use of your big, big talking?

VIPINA: He’s thinking that sometime they’ll do it in the future.

PRABHUPADA: Therefore he should not become scientist. The chicken is doing it within five days. (laughter) You transfer your doctorate, laureate to the chicken. You are cheating others. Give the title to the chicken.

GUEST (2): If and when Krishna wants the scientists to come up with the answer, then is when, only when they’ll have the answer.

PRABHUPADA: But Krishna has already given to the chicken. (laughter) He’s so unfortunate that Krishna is not giving him the intelligence. He’s so unfortunate. But the fortunate chicken has already got the intelligence. So at least the chicken is more fortunate than these so-called scientists. That is our conclusion. He’s so unfortunate that he doesn’t get the fortune of the chicken. Mudho ‘yam nabhijanati loko mam ajam avyayam [Bhagavad-gita 7.25]. He’s a mudha, rascal. That’s all. He’s claiming something which is impossible. That is mudha. If somebody, if a child, sometimes childish nature, “Mother, give me that moon.” It is possible mother can give the moon to the child? So mother cheats him. She gives him a mirror, “You see, here is a mirror, moon here.” That’s all. But is that moon? So a child may be satisfied with this class of moon, but one who is sane man, his father will not be satisfied. It is impossible. We give this challenge to any scientist, that “You are unnecessarily, uselessly working to produce life from chemicals.” That is our challenge. “You cannot do it.” So we challenge the so-called scientists that “You rascal, you cannot do it.” It is not possible.

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