Banks helping you lose your money

Durbin to Bank of America Customers: ‘Get the Heck Out of That Bank’

ABC News – SUNLEN MILLER – Oct 3, 2011

“Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank,” Durbin said on the Senate floor. “Find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month and still will give you a debit card that you can use every single day. What Bank of America has done is an outrage.” Go to story

This depositing in the bank and thinking that I am getting good interest, that is another cheating.

excerpt from morning walk conversation, Los Angeles, December 31, 1973:

PRABHUPADA: Yes. Indian economy was that if you have got extra money, you get gold ornament for your wife. So then your money is stocked there. Or purchase some utensils, silver utensils. That was Indian economy. This depositing in the bank and thinking that I am getting good interest, that is another cheating. It is another cheating. If things are not available, what will you get by getting interest? Therefore I am advising that purchase land and produce our own food. There will be no problem.

KARANDHAR: The inflation rate is higher than the interest rate. If you earn 5-3/4 % interest in a year, the inflation has gone up 6% in a year. So actually your money, at best it’s kept the same.

PRABHUPADA: The money is to be kept in cattle and grains. That is Indian economy, cattle and grains. If you have got many cows, you get milk. Milk preparation. And if you have got grain, then where is your problem? You prepare your foodstuff at home and eat and chant Hare Krishna. Where is your problem? You want to eat and live peacefully. So if you have got grains and milk, you have got enough food and there is no problem. You haven’t got to go fifty miles for your work, and then you require a tin car. So many problems. But if you get your food at home, then eat them and chant Hare Krishna and go back to home, back to Godhead. Simple thing.

PRAJAPATI: So many people now employed in sinful activities, jobs that are to do with sinful life. If we get rid of these sinful activities, what will we find for these people to do to replace their jobs?

PRABHUPADA: Do pious activities. Do you mean to say we have to continue sinful activities for their job? (laughter)

PRAJAPATI: They say like that.

PRABHUPADA: No, we shall give engagement.

PRAJAPATI: Cattle industry, liquor industry, tobacco industry, all these big industries.

PRABHUPADA: Yes. Let them be without industry. Come to us. We shall give them food. Yes. Just like that… What is that? Mrigari, Mrigari. He was thinking that “Unless I kill animals, how I will eat, I shall live?” And Narada gave him, that “I will give you to eat. Come here.” So he became Vaishnava. So that is our propaganda.” Stop this nonsense business. If you think that ‘How you shall eat?’ I shall give you eating. Come on. “This is our program.” First of all you stop it. Then I will, see how I will give you.” Just see. When I came first I was alone. I had no shelter, no food. And how we are maintaining now thousands of people, and giving them to eat, and nice shelter? How it is possible? It is possible. Because after all, Krishna gives everything. So if they become Krishna-ized, everything will come. Why they bother about the sinful activities?

VISNUJAN: Dhananjaya. Like you said this morning, Dhananjaya.

PRABHUPADA: Yes, Dhananjaya.

VISNUJAN: Krishna will tell us where to…

PRABHUPADA: Yes, where to get money. We have solution for all problems. Don’t bother. Go on with Krishna consciousness movement. Do you think our solutions, all impractical?

PRAJAPATI: No, Srila Prabhupada. They are not impractical.

PRABHUPADA: Then, what do you think?

KARANDHAR: They are the only practical solution.


KARANDHAR: The karmis [non-devotees, those who act independently, without reference to the spiritual master and Vedic principles and are thus bound up by the laws of karma] are always saying there is no solution.

PRABHUPADA: We say we have got solution.

BAHULASVA: They don’t want the solution, Prabhupada.

PRABHUPADA: That is another thing. They want to be cheated. That’s all.

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