Krishna consciousness vs unconsciousness

Hansadutta: As soon as you work for Krishna, Krishna will reveal Himself and will make you understand why everything is the way it is. Vasudeve bhagavati bhakti-yogah prayojitah. As soon as one engages in the service of Vasudeva, Krishna, immediately causeless knowledge and detachment from the world follows.

Question: Well, if the knowledge is open so much that it’s right there to grasp, then why is it that people don’t grasp it? I mean, it’s really stupid. It’s just like air you inhale, it’s like breathing.

Hansadutta: It’s just like there are two fish. One fish says, “Didn’t you see the water?” And the other fish says, “No. Where is it?” Everywhere is water. So it’s the same thing. Krishna is there, but we are in ignorance. Just like a man is sleeping and everybody knows it. But the man who is sleeping thinks he is a king in a palace with many queens, right? He doesn’t know he’s sleeping. Does the man who’s sleeping know that he’s sleeping? He has no idea that he’s sleeping. He thinks he’s awake.

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