Why Prabhupada did whatever he did, said whatever he said

For those who call into question why Prabhupada did whatever he did, said whatever he said… particularly in his instructions such as the Letter of July 9th, Direction of Management, his last testament and will…

Prabhupada was not a man of this mortal world, he was cent per cent uninterrupted acting as a seamless instrument of the Supreme personality of Godhead Krishna, just as my tongue or any other part acts seamlessly in harmony under the dictation of my entire body for the benefit of the whole body.

Any understanding other than this is MAYA. Either Prabhupada is as good as Krishna, or he is not.

Just as we love and serve every part of our body for the love of our body above all others, similarly, Krishna does everything first and foremost for His own enjoyment and well being, which automatically serves every other part of Him automatically. We do not neglect the toe because it is so insignificant, we will doctor and spend any ammount to make it well, just as we will doctor and make well our heart or brain. All parts are treated with the same care and concern. Whatever Krishna does, that is for Krishna, but automatically it includes the infinite parts and parcels, however sinful, defective or insignificant they may be. That is the meaning of absolute, that is spiritual.

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