The Challenge

Distinguishing the Genuine from the Fraudulent

Letter to Dr. Kovoor
from Hansadutta das
September 21, 1977

Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor
Sri Lanka Rationalist Association

Dear Dr. Kovoor:

You wanted to place yourself above God, but God’s devotees defeated you, as the newspaper correctly noted. I’m sure that the readers were also enlightened regarding the theory that life comes from chemicals.

You may be interested to know that you are the first so-called scientist in the world to be officially challenged by the Hare Krishna movement, and you are also the first to be totally exposed in the public press. Your case is a landmark in history. Because the spiritual life in most religious communities has long ago died out, practically no one had been able to properly put forward the theistic point of view in the modern age. The Hare Krishna movement, however, is presenting the yuga-dharma, the truly scientific method of religion for this age: it is perfectly teaching and following the Vedic religion. Of course, every religious movement claims to be genuine, but we have to distinguish the genuine from the fraudulent. Your defect is that because you have been repeatedly frustrated by encountering spiritual frauds, you have prematurely concluded that all religions are bogus. You want to brand God and religion fraudulent, but fraud can be understood only in relation to its genuine counterpart. That you fail to know. You do not know what is genuine.

I don’t say that all scientists are frauds, but I do say that you or anyone claiming that life is generated from inert matter is definitely a fool or a fraud. In fact you are both—because you obstinately cling to the foolish notion that life comes from chemicals. What is the difference between your theory and that of the alchemists, who attempted (and failed) to produce gold from chemicals? A modern scientist scoffs at the alchemists—yet he proposes to create life from chemicals. Isn’t this the height of folly? I’m still open to be convinced that life comes from chemicals, if you can provide evidence by creating life from chemicals.

Now your life is nearly at an end, and at the time of death, when the messengers of death come for your soul, perhaps you will remember all this and understand everything. But then it will be too late, for you will be helplessly dragged off to repeat another life of material struggle in the shape of birth, death, old age and disease. But if one simply chants Hare Krishna, he can be saved from this great struggle. I hope you will do that.—Hansadutta das


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