The Challenge

Get Your Lord to Demonstrate the Creation

Mr. Hansadutta Swami
ISKCON Sri Lanka
September 10, 1977

Dear Sir:

From your letter it is clear that it is futile for me, who base my philosophy on available scientific evidence, and you, who base your faith on dubious scriptures called Vedas, to try to convince each other.

If you insist that I should substantiate, by a demonstration before the public eye, my view that life originated from inert substances by chemical evolution under suitable conditions, I too have an equal right to ask you to substantiate your statement that “whatever we see in existence is the creation of the Lord, and that creation is going on at every moment” by demonstrating it before the public eye. As long as you are not going to get your “Lord” to demonstrate this, you need not expect me to conduct a one-sided show.

As far as I am concerned, the universe is only matter and energy in time and space. The question of a creator does not come in, because matter, energy, space and time have neither beginning nor end. The various forms of terrestrial organisms, extinct as well as extant, are the products of millions of years of biological evolution of macromolecules of protein that were formed on earth as a result of chemical evolution under suitable conditions.

Can you tell me who created your “Lord,” and where he was before the universe was created?

Yours in search of truth,
Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor

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