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The Premise is the Problem – Hansadutta presents the science of Krishna Consciousness

University of California at Berkeley, Professor Sherri Roush’s class on Epistemology Sep 24, 2010 (Part 4 of 9) Hansadutta das explains the false premise that “I am the body” is the beginning of all problems.

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The playing field has just been leveled for Haitians. Nature has turned the page — how will Haitians write their destiny? Amidst the rubble and rotting corpses, Haitians walk in procession, singing hymns, prayers to God. Those who had nothing … more

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Not even fit for the trash can

Any man, try if you can Get out of ignorance of being some man Because at death you’ll be a dead man! Not even fit for the trash can!

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Premise is the problem

The whole premise of modern civilization, based on the idea of advancement of education, technology, industry and economics is dismissed by us (VAISHNAVAS) as ERRONEOUS and therefore IRRELEVANT for the well being of this planet earth with its 4 to … more

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Aim to love

The aim of life is to love Krishna. It is not necessary to know how Krishna is God. Just like the child loves mother and father. The child has no knowledge of what is or how it is that the … more

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