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The holy name is all there is

This morning I was thinking about chanting the holy name. We get up and chant the holy name, and generally it requires some determination and effort, some sacrifice. I thought it’s exactly like a person who has in one way or another lost his ability to walk, and then has to go for some treatment at a rehabilitation (rehabilitation=re + abilitate) center. Every day for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, he is put into a very rigorous routine, and is forced to start using his legs again. At first it is very painful, very awkward, and it seems practically hopeless. But this treatment goes on for some time, maybe some years even, and at some point, he actually regains his original, natural walking capacity…more

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Potency of Sound

Value a Sound! A faithless person scoffs at the idea of chanting the Holy Name. Such persons say, “Any sound repeated long enough will produce a hypnotic effect.” But we contend that each sound, just as any other element in … more

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