Squandering public money.
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
[Posted February 19, 2007]

Lunar Ski Holiday at Taxpayers' Expense

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

skiing on the moonSrila Prabhupada The Guardian - Mon 19 Feb 2007 - JAMES RANDERSON, Science correspondent Good skiing on the moon, says Apollo veteran

Nasa astronauts returning to the moon should be given intensive cross-country skiing lessons to help them explore the surface more quickly, according to a former Apollo astronaut.

Harrison Schmitt, who flew with the last manned mission to land on the moon, said the technique allowed him to glide over the surface faster than his fellow astronauts, who instead adopted what he called an inelegant "bunny hop" gait.

"Once you get a rhythm going it's very easy," said geologist Dr Schmitt, from the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. "You can propel yourself with a push. On the moon you don't slide, you glide above the surface." He also predicted that settlers at Nasa's planned moon base will be able to experience lunar skiing holidays.

"Part of their recreation will be downhill skiing. I think there are some excellent downhill skiing areas," added the astronaut. He recommended the Taurus-Littrow valley as a potential destination for a lunar ski resort.
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Your tax dollars at work
Downhill skiing in practically zero gravity? A great holiday atmosphere where there's no atmosphere at all? President Bush and Congress have pledged funds for NASA's planned return to the moon in 2020 and bid to set up a permanent base. By then it will have been 50 years since the first supposed lunar landing and the public was duped into believing that the moon rocks and moon dust were worth every penny of the $23.190 billion or more Congress allotted for the Apollo project. NASA estimates that the 2020 return to the moon will cost $104 billion, but this price tag does not include the cost of erecting a base or the cost of further manned flights to and fro to support it. Somebody bring these people back down to earth. All are bluffing, says Srila Prabhupada.

excerpt from conversation with disciples, Los Angeles, Dec 9, 1973
Return to the Moon 2020

Moon Expedition: Stairway to Heaven A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Prabhupada: Ravana's, Ravana's staircase for going to the heaven. He promised that "Oh, what is the use of austerity? I shall make a staircase directly. You can go." As their... It is the same, Ravana's staircase and the modern attempt to go to the moon planet, the same thing. They will never be able to go, but imagining that "We shall do it." The same process, Ravana's process. For how many years they are going? Since 1950?

Devotee: To the moon expedition?

Prabhupada: Yes, moon expedition.

Devotee: Maybe 1955.

Madhudvisa: 1955.

Devotee: The first moon landing was 1961.

Prabhupada: That is beginning. First of all they sent dog. [laughter]

Madhudvisa: Space dog. Space mouse.

Prabhupada: Huh? Space mouse.

Devotee: Space monkey also.

Prabhupada: So since 1955 even. So twenty years, what they have done?

Devotee: Spent billions of dollars.

Prabhupada: Yes, simply they have brought little dust, that's all.

Madhudvisa: Now they have found that that same dust is here on the earth. Prabhupada: Yes. Simply propaganda. They are not going. Now the Russian scientist and American scientist are combined. Because both of them thieves, so one thief is asking, "Don't expose me. I will not expose you, so that our business will go on." This is the way. "Let us combine together and cheat these rascals, and otherwise, if you expose me, then I will expose you. Then our business will stop." more

Prabhupada: If there are good leaders, then they will see that the cheating scientists, they're spoiling state money. They'll be stopped in their nefarious activities. They could not become successful in the moon expedition. Now they have made another plan. Venus... What is? Venus expedition?

Karandhara: Mars, Jupiter.

Hrdayananda: Mars.

Prabhupada: Mars. You see? But the rascal government does not... You could not become successful about the moon expedition. Why you are asking money again?

Svarupa Damodar: They say they are successful.

Prabhupada: What is that successful?

Svarupa Damodar: Because they have gone to the moon. So that was a direct...

Prabhupada: That you are not successful. You live there. What is the use of going there?

Svarupa Damodar: They wanted to know what is going on there.

Prabhupada: Oh. That is another rascaldom. What is going on... There are so many things going on. So you have to spend money for going all to the planets, what they are doing, or... Only for that?

Karandhara: They haven't taken care of business here.

Prabhupada: Eh? Just see...

Karandhara: They haven't taken care of things here.

Prabhupada: Just see how rascaldom is going on. What is the use of our going there? "Things are going on..." Suppose in another state, something is going on. So are you interested? Going... Let them go. What is the benefit out of it? You spend so much money, public. Simply to see. "There is a crack." Last conclusion: "There was a crack." Just see how they are spoiling hard-earned public money. Because there is no good leader, all these rascals are benefitting, taking their money, and enjoying, and giving bluff information to the public. This should be stopped. Immediately this should be stopped. What is their contribution? The same thing: a dog is already barking, and because they're imitating barking, they're being awarded Nobel Prize, "Oh, how you can bark nicely!" This is going on. There is life already. It is practical. Everyone sees that a man and woman combines and there is child, life, another life. And now, foolishly they want to prove that life comes from matter. And as soon as we offer that "You take this matter. Produce," "That we shall see later on." Just see. In this way, they're spoiling money. So because there is no good leader, these rascals are not stopped.

Svarupa Damodar: They call this "A new frontier of knowledge."

Prabhupada: Eh?

Svarupa Damodar: "New frontier of knowledge."

Prabhupada: Yes, because the new frontier of knowledge for the rascals not for the intelligent men. They're... The same example. If somebody imitates barking of the dog, if he says, "This is new frontier of knowledge," so a foolish man can believe that "How you have learned to bark like dog! Oh, great advancement." But an intelligent man says "What is the use of this barking, imitation barking? There is already dogs who are barking." Just like there is a... It is a fact, not story. One man, he went out of his village, and after ten years, he came back, advertised himself that "I have become successful in yoga practice." So naturally villagers surrounded him. "Oh, you have...? What yoga practice you have learned?" "I can walk on the water." "Oh?" Actually, even at the present moment, if somebody comes and says, "I can walk...," many people will come, thousands of men. So when everything, arrangement was that he'll cross the river, walking on the water, one old man came. He said, "Sir, it is very wonderful, but it is two paise worth. Two paise worth." "Why?" "Now, you will walk and go the other side; I'll take a boat, pay him two paise. I'll do the same thing. So what is your credit?" So those who are actually intelligent men, they will take like that, that "What actual profit you have made? You have spent millions and millions of dollars, and you say, 'Now, we have seen in the moon there is a crack.'" So this bluffing to the public must be stopped. They're squandering money, public money, and we Krishna consciousness movement, we cannot do our activities for want of money. They have become so fools. How they are squandering money simply by bluffing another set of rascals that they are advancing in scientific knowledge. They are rascals, and they're cheating other rascals that they're advancing. And result is they're squandering public money.

Lunar Ski Holiday at Taxpayers' Expense/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2007 - Hansadutta das
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