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Capturing the world leaders

People in power look at the direction of the popular opinion. Really they put themselves at the mercy of the population. Democracy means from the bottom up. Autocracy means from top down. If you can capture the interest of the … more

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Eternally vibrating everywhere

The act of chanting the Holy Name and the result (cause and effect) are the same. Chanting is both the means and the result. One of the main problems we encounter with the process of chanting the Holy Name is … more

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Parents and children

Hansadutta: All parents look to their children, hoping they will embrace or carry on their line of thought, but this is almost never the case, 80 to 90% of the time. We see that even Srila Prabhupada’s children did not … more

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Self-destructive behaviors

Self-destructive behaviors take place under impulse, impelled by spirits. When we come to Krishna consciousness, we are asked to give them up, and the way we do that is by chanting Hare Krishna, replacing one habit with another, inviting the … more

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The historical perspective

Related Articles Cities and Regions Since One Sun, One Religion: There is Only One Religion The Evolution of Spiritual Science Related Topics Religion History – Human Civilization We must not allow ourselves, this Krishna consciousness movement, to be equated with … more

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