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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
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[Posted Sep 25, 2006]

Whole Human Society at Risk

Praghosa das

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada told us in a lecture in Mayapura [CC Adi-Lila, Chapter 1 Text 11] on April 4th, 1975 the following:

So, this I request, especially my American disciples. America has good potentiality to save the world. So if you preach very nicely in your country and not all of them will be interested, but if a section of men in your country, you can turn them to become Krishna conscious, it will be great benefit for the whole world.

But the aim is the same punar janma ajaya: to gain victory over this process of birth, death, disease and old age. This is not fiction. This is fact. People are not serious but you can teach your people. Otherwise the whole human society is at risk.

They are like animals. Especially this communist movement is very, very dangerous, they want to make everyone big animals. They are already animal, but the communist want to make them big animals. So, I am speaking to the Americans, because America is a little serious against this communistic movement—and it can be counteracted!

Because the process is occuring for a very very long time—deva vs asura, the fight between the demigods and the demons. So the same fight is going on in different name as communist and the capitalist. [Chuckles] But the capitalist are also 80% to 90% demons, because they do not know the science of God. That is demonic principle. So, there is good chance in your country to make them rectify their demoniac principle and THEN they will be VERY STRONGLY ABLE TO FIGHT with the other demons.

If we become deva... Deva means Vaishnava. Those who are devotees of Lord Vishnu, they are called devas. And those who are just the opposite number, the opposite number they also worship some God. The demons they often worship Lord Shiva, like Ravana, the example. We are not accusing unnecessarily. But Ravana was a great demon. He was worshipping Lord Shiva. Worshipping Lord Shiva means to get some material profit. But Worshipping Lord Vishnu, material profit may come by the mercy of Lord Vishnu. That is not karma, but the Vaishnavas they are not aspiring for material profit. But the material profit automatically comes. But they do not desire profit. Material profit is not the aim of life; aim of life is how to satisfy Vishnu. The demons... they do not know, that to become Vaishnava is the highest perfection of life.

So, anyway, our request is you are young men, you have taken to this path of Vaishnavism, and there is very good chance to preach this cult in your country. So even if you are not very successful in other countries, in your country, you will be very much successful. There is good potency, and try to make them stronger to fight with the demoniac principles. Thank you very much!
Points for a New World Order

New World Order: on the Basis of Spiritual Understanding

And practically our Krishna Consciousness movement is built on this idea, that we want to make a world civilization on the basis of spiritual understanding. So I am giving you some points which you may expand or do it for understanding of the people in general. But the point should be as follows:... more

Now below you will find excellent examples of this animalistic Zionist/Communisit predatory activity, how it works etc etc. The carrot and the stick of the demonic class. War there must be! Fight there must be. America must be in it! In fact Srila Prabhupada as the Acharya actually said at least the Americans should fight it! Even if all the other countries have lost their stomach for the fight. But this fight is not against Muslims per se. It is against DEMONS and the DEMONIC PRINCIPLES! Regardless of who embraces them.

The Trepca mining complex: How Kosovo’s spoils were distributed

Now --------- Read this one!!!
KOSOVO: NATO troops seize mining complex

Communist Aggression is non-different from Zionist Vulture Capitalism. They are different expressions of the same principle.

Here is the same phenomena in Iraq:
Controlling Iraq's Skies: The Secret Sell-Off of Iraq's Air Industry

Coalition Provisional Authority *************** (THIS ONE IS A DOOZY!) This single document demonstrates exactly what the war in Iraq is about. Its acceptance by the average American as being legitimate demonstrates the citizens ignorance and/or arrogance.

The Selling of Iraq [alternatively, download the document - MS Word Rich Type format]
US continues to develop strategies for the transformation of the Iraqi economy from publicly-owned to privately held.

In 2003, the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) published Order #39, which permits 100 percent foreign ownership of all Iraqi businesses, except the oil industry. Most of Iraq's basic industry is publicly owned, including oil, electricity, railroads and many of the basic manufacturing industries.

Last year, Thomas Foley, director for private sector development for the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), announced a list of the first Iraqi state enterprises to be sold off, including cement and fertilizer plants, phosphate and sulfur mines, pharmaceutical factories and the country's airline.

To make the sell-off of Iraqi resources easier, the CPA issued Order No. 37, which suspends income and property taxes a year and imposes a flat tax of 15 percent on individuals and corporations in the future.

Conferences are taking place regularly in Washington and London in which Iraqi enterprises and contracts are put on display, and transnational corporations come to examine profit making opportunities. One recent conference at Washington's National Press Club sponsored by Equity International, a business consulting service, featured executives from Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Rockwell Automation, Foster Wheeler, The Livingston Group, Nissan Motor Co, M/A-COM, Federal Security Systems, Danimex Communications, Global Transportation Systems, Applied Industrial Technologies, Comprehensive Health Services, Washington Group International, International Truck and Engine Corporation and diplomats from countries participating in the occupation coalition.

Iraqi workers in the vast publicly owned industrial sectors look at the prospect of privatization with dread. Dathar Al-Kashab, manager of Baghdad's Al Daura oil refinery, predicted that privatization would have an enormous effect. "A worker starting here today has a job for life, under the old system," he explains, "and there's no law which permits me to lay him off. But if I put on the hat of privatization, I'll have to fire 1500 [of the refinery's 3000] workers. In America when a company lays people off, there's unemployment insurance, and they won't die from hunger. If I dismiss employees now, I'm killing them and their families." The privatization of the Umm Qasr docks would undoubtedly have the same effect on the port's longtime workforce.

This is the story ALLLLLLLL over the globe!!

Zionist/Communist Pirates - dressed up as Benevolent Do-Gooders who quietly inject their control and exploitation. Zionist/Communists masquerading as Free Market Advocates when in fact they want ABSOLUTE DOMINION over the "means of achieving subjectively desired ends".

Economics is nothing more than the science of employing scarce means to achieve subjectively desired ends. That's it. That is all it is and left to his own purpose - man will always tend to work the least to achieve the basic necessities of his life. THAT is the essence of varnashrama dharma. Common sense dharma. Food, cloth, medicine, shelter, attained in the least labor intensive and time consuming manner. Only DEBT or TRIBUTE to a third party can interfere with this simplicity.

Thus Srila Prabhupada objected when devotees presented Krishna consciousness as a "religious movement". "We are a cultural movement meant for developing men of excellent character naturally," said Srila Prabhupada.


Money is the "medium" of exchange that grows out of the market itself. When M-oney and M-arkets are controlled by the machinations of the academic apologists that serve the interests of the pirates, they do so by grabbing control of the M-edia and the M-inds of the masses. With this control they can then exercise near total domination of the M-edical and M-oral environment of those some masses.

The last all important lever of power—the M-ilitary—is the only lever that the Zionist/Communist seeks to completely control. Thus far they are frustrated by their inabilty to do so fully. Men have this undesirable inclination to study the "principles and motives" that serve as the "glorious cause" to which they are being asked, or worse compelled by conscription TO DIE FOR; while the men so eager to elicit such "self-sacrifice" sit safely ensconced in their homes at night or roaming the manicured greens of their favorite golf courses! 80% of our Military leaders are completely opposed to the men who pretend to lead them. This is a fact that the civilian leadership seeks to hide and prevent from interfering. The events of 9/11 unlocked the rage and determination of the Military and the Communists are becoming increasingly desperate because of it.

The Roman Generals used to sternly address their men just prior to battle "We who are about to die salute you," and the men would answer with the same address! Our present Military cannot—they dare not—say such to the petty money-grubbing homosexuals and perverts that now lead them from the ranks of the civilian authorities in our government! These men MUST rise out of the ashes of filth that now commands their allegience and self sacrifice! They must take back our nation and purge it of all Zionist/Communist control. Only our Military can restore our Honest Free Enterprise system and our honorable Lawful Constitution. (It is not perfect, but it is a start.)

It is only possible if sufficient numbers of men in this country renounce the aims and goals of the materialists and embody and exemplify the Spiritual Purpose of the Human Form of Life!

"Our Father—who art in Heaven—Hallowed by THY Name!!
Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will be done!
On Earth—as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread. [Man does not live on bread alone, but on every Word that comes from God Himself!]
Forgive us our trespasses [as in Iraq or Kosovo or elsewhere]
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us NOT into temptation—but deliver us from EVIL. Amen!!

"You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with merely a kind word" was a statement attributed to the notorious Al Capone. Yet it is truism that cannot be denied! The only purpose of our Military is to Defend our Lawful Constitution from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

At present our nation is the source of massive corruption throughout the world. 6 of the 7 Levers of Power are now controlled by the Zionist/Communist Central Banking Cartel. This illegal cabal of pirates have a stranglehold on the medium of exchange—the world's money and credit. They sell this "credit" or more to the point—debt—to the balance of the world for profit and control of the Markets. They have the full force of the media at their disposal to "sell" this system as legitimate. They use their vast monetary assets to "tenure" in their university system only those "professors" who accept their dutiful assignment as "apologists" for their deceitful system of "confiscation in the name of development" that they now call the modern global economy.

This stranglehold upon the minds, money and media and morals of the global economy is the real target of the Vaishnava King or Executive. As Srila Prabhupada said "Becoming Krishna conscious is more or less tantamount to declaring all out war on Maya." We are not meant to suck up to those who parasitically exist, like tapeworms, off the ignorance or arrogance of the Western "System" of theft. Every single aspect of Western (now global culture) is rooted in fraud. We are ultimately at war with this system—as it is non-different from the conflict that permanently exists between our lower and higher selves!

Our weapons are the simplicity of satisfaction that comes from singing the name of God, discussing His greatness and His activities and honoring the remnants of His breakfast, lunch and dinner!

That's it!

That is the prescribed method of releasing the living being from the grip of the Zionist/Communist Demon!!!

Sounds too good - too easy - to simplisitc to be real! YET - it is the ONLY WAY - THE ONLY WAY - THE ONLY WAY!!

Hare Krishna

Whole Human Society at Risk/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2004 - Hansadutta das
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