The so-called scientists, so-called philosophers, their basic principle is wrong, and they're presenting some theories and that is being accepted by people. That is cheating.
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
Srila Prabhupada[Posted April 11, 2007]

Getting Two Plus Two Wrong

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

CERN LHC under construction Times Online - 8 April 2007 - JONATHAN LEAKE, science editor  Big Bang at the atomic lab after scientists get their maths wrong

A £2 billion project to answer some of the biggest mysteries of the universe has been delayed by months after scientists building it made basic errors in their mathematical calculations.

The mistakes led to an explosion deep in the tunnel at the Cern particle accelerator complex near Geneva in Switzerland. It lifted a 20-ton magnet off its mountings, filling a tunnel with helium gas and forcing an evacuation.

... The machine, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), aims to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang, when the universe is thought to have exploded into existence about 14 billion years ago. However, the November start-up may now have to be delayed until next spring.
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Scientific advancement means the imitation barking
from Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.15.31, Los Angeles, December 9, 1973
Convert Faith into Action

Science by accident, chance and chaos Slideshow by Sadaputa das

Sadaputa: ...Suppose you threw a protein together at chance—and here we even allow a ten percent error, you're allowing to get it wrong among ten percent of the proteins—but still chance comes out to 10 minus 244th power. Now the scientists are always saying if you wait for a long enough time, even something very unlikely can happen; but here we have a calculation of how long you'd have to wait, according to mathematics and the probability theory, and even if you assume an unrealistically high rate of forming proteins at random, still you'd have to wait, according to this, 10 to the 167th power billion years. And that's a little bit too long. [laughter]
Prabhupada: Hare Krishna. That is mathematics.
Svarup Damodar: That's longer than Brahma's life.
Sadaputa: So mathematics shows that chance alone would never begin to produce the things that go into life, because this, say, is just for one protein, but it's estimated in the simplest cell that they experiment with that there are some 3000 proteins. more

That we were discussing in our walking, that the basic principle of this modern civilization is wrong. Everyone, the so-called advanced scientists, so-called advanced philosopher or politician, everyone is thinking that "I am this body." So on the basic principle they're wrong.

Therefore the so-called advancement of civilization is wrong. It's... At one point mathematical calculation, if you have done mistake in one point... Two plus two equal two. Why if you have made up three, the mistake, then the whole calculation will be mistaken. The balance, it will never tally. Similarly, our present civilization... Not present; it is always there. Now it is very strong bodily conception of life, so the basic principle is wrong. Therefore what..., whatever we are advancing, that is wrong. Parabhavas tavad abodha-jato. That is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam [SB 5.5.5: "As long as one does not inquire about the spiritual values of life, one is defeated and subjected to miseries arising from ignorance."]. Parabhavas [defeat]. Basic principle is wrong, abodha, in ignorance. In ignorance. Abodha means without any perfect knowledge.

So we are born without any perfect knowledge. That is natural. We have to sent..., we have to be sent to school for learning. Therefore these books are there. Why for these books are being written? Just for the learning of the human society. So they can learn it. Cats and dogs cannot read these Bhagavata or Bhagavad-gita. It is meant for human society. So they should take advantage of this knowledge. But if they remain in the darkness of ignorance, then what is the meaning of their advancement? It has no meaning. So that is going on. They too do not accept knowledge from the authority. They manufacture. How you can manufacture? You are a fool, so whatever you manufacture, so-called knowledge, that is also sometimes we do mistake—"two plus two equals five." But it is not fact. So two plus two must be four. But if we make "five" or "three," that means the whole background becomes wrong. That is... we are liable to do that mistake. And illusion. Illusion means two plus two equal to four; I have written "five," but I am seeing it is all right. I'm seeing it is all right: "two." Therefore one should not correct himself. Another person should take the editorial correction work, because the man who has written he sees that it is right. This is called illusion.

So to commit mistake, to get into illusion, overpowered by illusion, and cheating. Cheating means you have made mistake, "two plus two equal to five." "Yes," you're persisting, "Yes, it is right." That is cheating. Everyone in this material world, they're born foolish and still they're manufacturing knowledge. That is cheating. That is going on. The so-called scientists, so-called philosophers, their basic principle is wrong, and they're presenting some theories and that is being accepted by people. That is cheating. For example, just like the insistence of the scientists that "Life is production of matter." They have no experience, neither they can make any experiment in the laboratory that from matter one can produce life. But every child knows that "My father is life and my mother is life, so I am produced from that combination. I am also life." So life comes from life. The dead body of father, the dead body of mother cannot produce. Any man can understand. Very simple. But these rascals, so-called scientists, they're insisting that life is produced from matter. Insisting, simply. Their only idea is to prove that there is no God. Imitation.

That Dr. Atmaram [of Delhi] said that imitation barking is very much appreciated. People go to see imitation bark. If you give a sign board that "Here is an expert imitator who can imitate the sounds of all animals," you will purchase tickets ten dollars and go and see how this man is imitating. But you don't care for the real dog who is barking. This is the position. The scientific advance means the imitation barking. That's all. The dog is already there. Everyone can see. The barking is there. But if a scientist can imitate how dog barks, then he's advanced. The already life is being produced millions and millions of lives. Now they are going to check life production. Or we see if a rascal scientist says that "Now I produced one life in laboratory." "Oh, wonderful!" The... Real life they are going to check, and some imitation life he has produced, he gets Nobel Prize. This is going on. This is going on. Simply wasting public money. That's all. The so-called scientists.

And now they have failed to go to the moon planet. Now they are trying to go to the Venus planet. People are not asking that "You have spent so much money, forty million dollars for one coat(?), going to the moon planet, so what you have done? Ha?" Now suppose when Columbus discovered this American... Not discovered... Anyway, the people are interested to come here to colonize. Similarly, if you've actually discovered moon planet—not discovered; it is already there—if you have gone there, now go and live there, colonize there, then it is successful. "No, we have gone there. We have seen there is a big crack and we are studying that." That is our advancement. In this way foolish people are exploiting innocent public. Yes.

This is our charge against this so-called advancement of life. And they are forgetting real thing. They do not understand what is soul. They do not understand. They do not understand that the soul is transmigrating from one body to another. Soul is immortal. Soul is eternal. These things are described in the Bhagavad-gita. In the beginning... This is the beginning lesson: dehino 'smin yatha dehe kaumaram [Bg. 2.13]. This is the beginning of spiritual understanding. But they do not understand this beginning lesson, and still they are advanced. This is going on. Simply cheating. So this cheating process is going on under the misconception that "I am this body." The basic principle is cheating. Wrong. And on the wrong platform they are building phantasmagoria, big, big ideas.

Getting Two Plus Two Wrong/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2007 - Hansadutta das
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