BBT Northern Europe Standing Orders

Partial List of Institutions in Northern Europe that have placed standing orders for sets of Srimad-Bhagavatam and / or Chaitanya-charitamrita and other works by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivdanta Swami Prabhupada

Classic Department Seminary Library, Antwerp, Belgium
Instelling University Library, Antwerp, Belgium
University of Brussels, Belgium
University of Louvain, Belgium
National Library of Brussels, Belgium
Ministry of Education, Belgium

Institute for Religion Historika, Copenhagen, Denmark
Institute for Indisk Filologi, Copenhagen, Denmark

Oxford University, Department of Bodlean Library, Oxford, England
E.J. Brill (Book Shop), London, England
Bristol University, Bristol, England
University of Lancaster Library, Lancaster, England
University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, England
University of Leicester Library, Leicester, England
University College, Swansea, England
School of African & Oriental Studies, London, England
British Library, London, England

Abo Akademis Bibliotek, Abo, Finland
Institute of Asian & African Languages & Culture, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland
Donnerska Institute, Abo, Finland
University of Helsinki Library, Helsinki, Finland
University of Jyvaskyla, Dept. Education, Jyvaskyla, Finland
University of Jyvaskyla, Acquisition Dept. Library, Jyavskyla, Finland
Soumalainen Kirja Kauppa, Vantaa, Finland
Philosophy Department Union Inkatre, Helsinki, Finland
Tampere University Library, Tampere, Finland
Taenmum Kaupumgin Kirjasto (Public), Taenmum, Finland
University of Turku Library, Turku, Finland
Uskontotieteen Laitos, Helsinki, Finland
Oulun Yliopiston Kirjasto, Oulu, Finland
Kasvatustietiedau, Dept. of Education, Oulu, Finland


Holland (Netherlands)
Social Sciences Department, University Library, Groningen, Holland
Psychology Library, Groningen, Holland
City Library of Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Holland
Museum of Lands & Peoples, Library, Rotterdam, Holland
Theosophy Society Library, Amsterdam, Holland
Theology Institute, University of Utrecht, Holland
Dekker & Nordemann N.V., Amsterdam, Holland
Free University of Amsterdam, Holland
University of Amsterdam, Holland
University of Utrecht, Holland
Leiden University, Holland
Catholic University, Trijmegen, Holland
Nimegan University, Holland
Ethnology Museum, Leiden, Holland
National Royal Library, Holland
Theosophical Society, Amsterdam, Holland

Indo-Iranian Institute, Univ. of Oslo, Blindenn, Norway
Oslo University Library, Oslo, Norway

Kungl. University Oriental Institute-Indology, Stockholm, Sweden
Institute for Sanskrit & Comparative Philology, Gotburg, Sweden
Theology Faculty, Seminary Lund, Sweden
Umea University, Umea, Sweden
Uppsala University Library, Uppsala, Sweden
Institute for Janiforande Spirk Farskning, University Uppsala, Sweden
Religion History Institute, Uppsala University, Sweden
Umea Public Library, Umea, Sweden
Lunds University Institute of History of Ideas, Lund, Sweden
University Library of Lund, Lund, Sweden
Religion History Institute, Lund, Sweden
Gavle Stadsbibliotek, Gavle, Sweden

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Tertiary Institutions and Libraries in India
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