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Solutions beget problems beget solutions beget problems…

Abyss of Uncertainty: Germany’s Homemade Nuclear Waste Disaster Spiegel – MICHAEL FROEHLINGSDORF, UDO LUDWIG and ALFRED WEINZIERL – Feb 21, 2013 Some 126,000 barrels of nuclear waste have been dumped in the Asse II salt mine over the last 50 … more

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Gold hasn’t gone up in value

Germany should end the secrecy and bring its gold home Goldseek – LARS SCHALL – Oct 10, 2011 I believe that the time will come when oil-producing countries and other natural resource exporters will no longer sell their commodities for … more

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Fools Elected by Fools

Stupid voters enable broken government CNN – LZ GRANDERSON – Sep 27, 2011 The biggest reason government is broken is because of voters.

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The solution to prison life is getting out of prison

The City: Beijing The Daily Beast – AI WEIWEI – Aug 28, 2011 For a man imprisoned and conditionally released, neither neighbors nor strangers nor Beijing’s officials nor courts can be trusted.

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