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Self-destructive behaviors

Self-destructive behaviors take place under impulse, impelled by spirits. When we come to Krishna consciousness, we are asked to give them up, and the way we do that is by chanting Hare Krishna, replacing one habit with another, inviting the … more

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Prayer and the answer to prayer

Unless one is completely disappointed in every relationship of love, friendship and society, it is impossible to be completely surrendered to the will of the Lord, without which it is impossible to chant His HOLY NAME, and without actually chanting … more

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The disciple is expected to become a pure devotee

To worship Srila Prabhupada (Prabhupada in the center) as the only Acharya means to first of all be an obedient disciple (discipline of 4 regulative principles, 16 rounds). Simply to perform the ritual of guru-puja or mouth the appropriate prayers … more

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