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Here is another conversation regarding Pakistan, USA and Russia using India as a battle field.

It starts by Prabhupada questioning the devotees on why America is so fond of Pakistan. Of course no one can properly answer. Prabhupada then goes on to ultimately point out “The leadership of a country may change, but the POLICY of the country never changes.” He then elaborates.

Another point Prabhupada made is that destroying demonism is more important than destroying communism, because Russia and USA are basically the same, but there is some hope that America will take to Krishna consciousness.

The Geopolitics Behind The Phony
US War In Afghanistan

ENGDAHL.geopolitics.net – WILLIAM ENGDAHL – Oct 21, 2009

…Russia holds the world’s largest treasure of natural gas and vast reserves of oil urgently needed by China. The two powers are increasingly converging via a new organization they created in 2001 known as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). That includes as well as China and Russia, the largest Central Asia states Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the alleged US war against both Taliban and Al Qaeda is in reality to place its military strike force directly in the middle of the geographical space of this emerging SCO in Central Asia. Iran is a diversion. The main goal or target is Russia and China. Go to story

The presidents may change, but the national policy does not change.
Nuclear war coming

Afghanistan-Pakistan War: Third World War in the Cross Sights
PRABHUPADA: Next war means atomic war. All these rascals will be killed automatically. I will kill you, you’ll kill me. That’s all.

YOGESVARA: Is that war to occur in the recent future? Or is that a long way off?

PRABHUPADA: Very recent, very recent future. more

excerpt from conversation, Mayapur, April 4, 1975:

PRABHUPADA: Why America is after this Pakistan? This requires little intelligence. The America has no interest either in Pakistan or India, but both of them, being on the border of Russia, it will be convenient for them to fight with the Russians from these places.

DEVOTEE (1): Through Pakistan.

PRABHUPADA: Do you follow? You have seen Indian map, eh, Asian map? Have you got any?

DEVOTEE (1): Yes, India and Pakistan are right at the bottom of Russia.

PRABHUPADA: Yes. They want this place.

DEVOTEE (1): The Russians.

PRABHUPADA: Russ… No. Americans.

DEVOTEE (1): Americans.

PRABHUPADA: Americans want this place to fight with the Russians. So if American comes directly in India, that “We want to fight,” then India would not agree. Therefore they’re keeping with these foolish rascals, Pakistan. And they’re insulting. They’re… Not insulting. They’re naturally enemy of… not to let them… The Vietnam and everything, Korea, all these things. Not to allow the communists to become very powerful. That is American political policy is going on. And the presidents may change, but the national policy cannot be changed. Therefore they want fighting between Pakistan and India. So Russia… Actually that happened. Russia will come to the help of India. That arrangement is already there with Indira Gandhi. Naturally they’ll come to help Pakistan. And then between the big two.

DEVOTEE (1): That’s why you said this morning that India will suffer more than any other country.


BHAGAVAN: The last time there was a war between Pakistan and India the American government put their whole fleet and aimed their guns at India.

PRABHUPADA: Yes. They wanted to help Pakistan. But when the Russian came, they took time. Otherwise, fighting would have begun at that time.

DEVOTEE (1): So it almost happened one time before.

PRABHUPADA: Maybe that Nixon thought: “If some settlement can be done, without fighting…” Therefore he went to Russia.

DEVOTEE (1): Yes.

PRABHUPADA: Later on. He went to China also.


PRABHUPADA: But they are uncompromising. The communists, they, they are staunch enemy of the capitalist. Their whole philosophy is against God and against capitalism. So if America becomes Kṛṣṇa conscious and fights, they have got strength plus God’s blessing. They’ll come out victorious. Fight is going on. We cannot stop. But if the American people take to Kṛṣṇa consciousness and fight with the communist, they’ll come out victorious. Then the menace of communistic movement will stop. And we want that. We want that these demonic communists should be finished. The Russians, as people, they are not communists. They are not communists. A certain class. Just like in India, a certain class is communist. The mass of people is not communist. They cannot become communist. It is not possible.

DEVOTEE (1): It is not natural for the living being to be communist.

BHAGAVAN: Atheistic communist.

PRABHUPADA: Atheistic communist.

DEVOTEE (1): It’s not natural.

PRABHUPADA: They, they’re not real communists. Real communist we are. Actually see. All people from all parts of the world, professing different religions, different path of life. Still they are joined. This is natural. Kṛṣṇa community.

DEVOTEE (1): So this war… You mentioned a couple of minutes ago that this war almost broke out once before when America aimed all of its weapons at India. So it could happen at any time. It could happen very shortly then.

PRABHUPADA: That war was also Russian instigated. This war, last war between Pakistan and India, was practically between India and Pakistan, uh, yes…

DEVOTEE (1): Russia.

PRABHUPADA: No. The Bangladesh, they were Bengalis. Although the whole Pakistan, including Bangladesh and the other part, West Pakistan, East Pakistan, Bangladesh… So actually, Bangladesh is bigger than West Pakistan. They should have taken the government, majority. But the West Pakistan, by force they were ruling. They are not majority. So after all, they are Bengalis, maybe Muslim. They’re intelligent than these Punjabis. Punjabis, they have got bodily strength, not brain. So these Bengalis, in Mujjhamat Raman, that was his demands, that: “We are majority. Why they should govern us? We should govern over them.” This is the movement. So, but they’re already in power. So how to throw them out of power? So he negotiated in India, that: “You help us to separate from…” And India’s interest is that Pakistan becomes weak by separation, that is India’s interest. So India agreed to help them. How to help? They organized a false, er, soldiers. You know? What is called? Bahini. Mean a freedom soldier. They organized freedom soldier. And India consulted Russia. Russia was friendly, that: “We want to help Bangladesh.” So they said: “Yes, you help. If there is fight, then we shall help you.” This was the… So these bahini, sanan bahini, sandana bahini, or something like that, they organized, “freedom soldiers.” The freedom soldier means Indian soldiers. They entered Bangladesh because East Bengal, West Bengal. And they started this freedom soldier. But this is Indian soldier. Pakistan could understand that, that where this Bangladesh will get so nice soldiers? It is Indian soldiers. So when the movement was increasing, then Pakistan was in a very precarious condition. So they wanted American help. The Americans also said: “Yes.” So they got American planes, American… to crush down this Bangladesh. And the Bangladesh means Indian soldiers. So later on it was discovered. So Pakistan attacked directly India. That was to go on, increase. But when the Americans were helping, these Pakistani, the Russians also came. So it was going to be a, the same, Third World War, immediately. So Americans considered something, that: “Let us take some time.” Therefore the war was stopped. Otherwise it was already started. That policy is going on.

DEVOTEE (1): There’s been no change. Just…

PRABHUPADA: Therefore Indian government does not like you Americans.

DEVOTEE (1): Indian government. Yes.

PRABHUPADA: And they’re making propaganda. They’re thinking that the Americans, under the dress of religious people, the C.I.A., they have come to disrupt. And this is the position.

DEVOTEE (1): So everything is the same as it was then. It’s just the war, the actual fighting has been postponed for some time.


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  1. Rayarama das says:

    Hari Bol!.

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    This conversation about India, Pakistan, USA, and Russia is not very relevant today, is it?
    Russia is no longer a communist country. Krsna Consciousness is spreading in Russia like it did in the USA back in the 60’s and 70’s. I do not see much difference between capitalism and communism, when you boil it down. Both sides are interested in money, exploiting the resources of material nature, and hoarding wealth, because they are demoniac.

    I do not see any unifying force between Pakistan and the USA. It’s like saying the Christians are allying with the Muslims. But they are at war with each other…. think 9/11. The Pakistanis where harboring Bin Laden secretly for a decade, before the US assassinated him.

  2. DD says:

    Srila Prabhupada was correct then and the same policy continues. The US is encircling Russia with bases and missiles and Putin is pissed.

  3. Sita Devi says:

    Whatever Srila Prabhupada has said is flawlessly and absolutely correct!

  4. Junior (Chota) hari Das says:

    All glories 2the devottees
    Nice map thank you
    Idelologies vs. people
    Your jihad is to read the Wonderful k o r a n
    2 o 13 happy year you all
    Abraham vs. brahma

    World peace this year and global warmi….)
    Japa Japa Japa

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