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Brooklyn Bridge, October 1st

A Report from the Frontlines: The Long Road to #OccupyWallStreet and the Origins of the 99% Movement

Ampedstatus.org – DAVID DEGRAW – Sep 29, 2011

As the occupation of Wall Street moves into its third week, there are many questions about the organizers behind the ongoing protests and the origins of the 99% Movement. As one of the many people who actively supported the effort, and helped launch the 99% Movement, I will give my perspective on the events leading up to the occupation of Liberty Park.

As I understand it, the #OccuppyWallStreet 99% Movement is a decentralized non-violent rebellion against economic tyranny. It is a leaderless movement that has been dependent upon tens of thousands of individuals taking it upon themselves to take action and fight back against their own personal financial hardships, and in defense of their family and friends who are desperately struggling to make ends meets. Go to story


Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

Zero Hedge – GEORGE WASHINGTON – Oct 1, 2011
NYPD police scanners are estimating a crowd up to 5,000
are occupying liberty square in a scene that is now starting to look
more like Egypt’s Tahrir square. Go to story

Mayor Bloomberg Says Occupy Wall Street Poses “Societal Concerns,” We Should “Help the Banks”

Alternet – LAUREN KELLY – Oct 1, 2011

“If the banks don’t go out and make loans we will not come out of our economic problems, we will not have jobs so anything we can do that’s responsible to help the banks do that is what we need.” Go to story

Here we have the seeds of REVOLUTION. Unfortunately the general mass of people, and the higher ruling class are both thinking the resources of material nature are there for their exploitation and enjoyment.

Our position is bhoktaram yajna tapasyam, sarva loka mahesvaram—Krishna says, “I am the proprietor, I am the enjoyer, and all the living being on these planets are my servants.” No one wants to serve Krishna, everyone wants to use Krishna as their ORDER SUPPLIER. So we have to comment on the clashing sides from this perspective.

Your servant, Hansadutta das

We have the third, or transcendental perspective on all political, economic, religious and social points of view.

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