Going to Prabhupada

PRABHUPADA: Our George Harrison, he also liked KRSNA book.
HARI-SAURI: Yes. We sold so many KRSNA books on the strength of showing them that…
PRABHUPADA: George Harrison.
HARI-SAURI: …Introduction from George Harrison.
PRABHUPADA: Yes. And I have acknowledged his contribution and blessed him as good boy. And because he served Krishna, then later on he became inclined to give us that house.
TAMAL KRSNA: Has that house been transferred actually yet?
PRABHUPADA: Never mind what is the… We are using it. If he says “Go out,” we shall go out. What is that? We are not after property.
TAMAL KRSNA: And he’ll never say that.
PRABHUPADA: No. I don’t think he’s so mean-minded. No. He’s not mean-minded. He’s a good boy. I’ve studied.
TAMAL KRSNA: Ravi Shankar has taken advantage of him. These two pujaris, the two brothers…
PRABHUPADA: They’re ideal.
TAMAL KRSNA: …they look like they’re out of the Chaitanya-charitamrta. They appear as two persons right out of that book.
PRABHUPADA: Yes. Very good boys.
TAMAL KRSNA: Vaikuntha men.
PRABHUPADA: Oh, yes. They do not know except the duty. Very good boys.
TAMAL KRSNA: Perfect team of brothers.
PRABHUPADA: Oh, yes. Therefore Krishna has brought them here in Mayapura. Previously they were advanced, all of you. You are simply born because the mission was to be started. Just like in Yadu-vamsa Krishna ordered all the devotee demigods to “Go and take birth there to help Me.” Similarly, you are also… You were born in Europe, America, to help this. Otherwise you were devotees in you past lives. I have explained that in my recent writings. The purport was mam eti: goes to Krishna where His pastime is going on, and then they are transferred to the original. So all the devotees picked up and they were placed together where Krishna is having His pastimes in either of these innumerable universes. He’s going on. Just the moving… The sun is moving-little, little, little. So Krishna’s pastimes go on—this universe, that universe, that universe, that universe. In some universe He’s present. In all universes present, that is called nitya-lila. So those who are advanced, perfect devotees, first of all they are sent there and then, further trained up, they enter. Mam eti. Just like after passing the administration examination he’s made one assistant of some magistrate, and then gradually he’ll be promoted up to the high-court judge.
HARI-SAURI: When we were in New York this last summer you said that the spiritual master also has associates who appear along with him to help him in his mission.
PRABHUPADA: Yes. Krishna wants His assistants; the spiritual master also requires assistant. Everything is going on under Krishna’s direct supervision. Mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram [Bhagavad-gita 9.10].
isvarah sarva-bhutanam
hrd-dese ‘rjuna tisthati
bhramayan sarva-bhutani
yantrarudhani mayaya
[Bg. 18.61]

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