Connecting with Krishna

Everyone is full of fear, and that fear can only be mitigated by coming nearer to Krishna, which can easily be done simply by vibrating the Holy Name, just as coming nearer to fire automatically counteracts being cold. Chanting the Holy Name of Krishna is the essence of all spiritual practices, and it is the very foundation of spiritual life.

Fear is due to our separation from Krishna. Just as a child is filled with fear of being separated from its parents. As soon as the child is again re-united with its parents, he is pacified. Similarly, as soon as we vibrate the Holy Name of Krishna, our heart is pacified.

Krishna consciousness does not depend on logic, reason or argument; it is simply a matter of maintaining constant association of Krishna by the process of transcendental SOUND VIBRATION of His Holy Name.

While we are being carried away on the conveyor belt of material existence, we should always, constantly chant the Holy Name of Krishna, because we can neither get off the conveyor belt nor stop its movement through the six phases of bodily existence, namely birth, growth, staying for some time, producing by-products (children), dwindling and ultimately vanishing. We can only chant the Holy Name loudly and keep our connection with Krishna.

We are absolutely powerless to do anything, but we repeatedly forget this fundamental fact and struggle again and again to fulfill our plans for enjoying wealth, woman and prestige, only to be frustrated repeatedly. Until we thoroughly abandon the notion that we are the doers of activities, we cannot make progress in spiritual life. Even chanting the Holy Name is done only because Krishna kindly appears as the sound vibration welling up from the heart (soul), where He sits as the Supersoul and guide.

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