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Big beads

Sometime in the early 70’s (73 or 74) Prabhupada came to Hawaii, and I also came there from Germany to see him and briefly act as his secretary. The first Sunday Feast he was there, all the fringe devotees who … more

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It is all your mercy

In Germany, while on a morning walk, a helicopter passed overhead. Prabhupada looked up and asked, “What is that?” Someone informed him, “A helicopter.” Then Prabhupada laughed and said once Shyamasundar arranged to have him picked up at Heathrow airport … more

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Sweet balls

In the early days of ISKCON, when there were hardly more than 30 devotees in all, there was a constant strain over prasadam consumption. In one such instance, Kirtanananda (who was a good cook and foremost disciple) always tried to … more

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Representatives of the People

Hare Krsna, Praghosa Prabhu. Much is made of the governments of all nations—be they democratic, socialist, or communist or whatever—of their elected or appointed officials being THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE .

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No other recourse

Ultimately, what is the substance of legal directives and legal maneuvers? Where does it all lead to in the end? The men in position today in ISKCON are basically entrenched. Whoever is there is just there, doing whatever they’re doing. … more

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