Vaishnavas are killers

One day Prabhupada was sitting behind his desk and he began musing over the great Vaishnavas. He said, “Arjuna was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Bhima was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Dhruva Maharaja was a Vaishnava, and he was killing. Parikshit Maharaja was killing. Prahlada Maharaja was killing. Rama was killing. Krishna was killing. Practically speaking, Vaishnavas are killers.” And he chuckled a bit.

On a morning walk in Vrindaban, Prabhupada was talking about the devotees taking over the government at some point in the future. He stopped and said, “It is not that because Mohammed used a sword that we also must use the sword. No, we can use the atom bomb if nescessary. We will ask, “Do you like Krishna?” “No.” Boom. (imitating the sound of a gun. “Do you like Krishna? No?!” Boom. So in this way we must be prepared to take charge of the government. Devotees are practical, whatever is nescessary, they are prepared to do that.”

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