Three Eclipses on the Horizon!

Apology to readers for error in the dates of the annular solar eclipse of May 10th give in the chart below. The actual eclipse took place at 00:26 UT May 10th, not 11th. – Das dd
Dear Prabhus, Dandavats to the Vaishnavas and welcome to the issue. These days with so many inauspicious omens on the horizon (and in the daily news!), I am watching the sky carefully. Who remembers that on 25 January 1938, as a precursor to the 2nd World War, the sky turned blood red all over Europe?

Our readers must have noticed the huge meteor, or whatever it was, that slammed into Russia injuring hundreds in mid-February of this year. If you missed the video and news reports, see it again here. Please note that three eclipses are on the horizon, and these are especially inauspicious, considering the amount of graha-yuddha (planetary fighting) that surrounds the Aries-Libra axis in which these eclipses occur.

Such omens as these, as told in Shri Ramayana of Valmiki, are discussed in this issue. … – Patita Pavana das Adhikary, The Astrological Newsletter (Issue #34), 13 April 2013

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Readers of The Astrological Newsletter should be prepared for a series of three eclipses beginning on the 25th of April. The first one is a partial lunar eclipse that promises its greatest visibility in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Western Australia. The greatest eclipse occurs over the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar.

Eclipse Events - Spring 2013

Partial Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013
PhaseUT (GMT)-8.00 DST+8.00 (26 Apr)
Penumbral Eclipse Begins:18:03:3811:03:3802:03:38
Partial Eclipse Begins:19:54:0812:54:0803:54:08
Greatest Eclipse:20:07:3013:07:3004:07:30
Partial Eclipse Ends:20:21:0213:21:0204:21:02
Penumbral Eclipse Ends:22:11:2615:11:2606:11:26
Annular Solar Eclipse of May 10, 2013
PhaseUT (GMT)-8.00 DST+8.00 (11 May)
Annular Solar Eclipse Begins:22:3315:3306:33
Greatest Eclipse:00:26:20 (11 May)17:26:2008:26:20
Annular Solar Eclipse Ends:02:20 (11 May)19:2010:20
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May 25, 2013
PhaseUT (GMT)-8.00 DST (24 May)+8.00
Penumbral Eclipse Begins:03:53:1120:53:1111:53:11
Greatest Eclipse:04:10:0021:10:0012:10:00
Penumbral Eclipse Ends:04:26:5621:26:5612:26:56

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• Eclipse # 1: The first eclipse starts at 6:03 pm GMT or 18:03 Universal time on 25 April which places Virgo on the rising sign and Moon in Libra. The eclipsed nakshatra of the Moon’s will be the Rahu-ruled Swati. It is therefore may be potentially detrimental for anyone who is born under Libra Moon, especially that part of Libra ruled by Swati (6º40′ to 20º00′).

The results for particular individuals will be visible before or after the eclipse depending upon whether the individual’s natal Moon has a greater degree of the point of eclipse, or less. The eclipse begins at 09º58′ and ends at 12º29′ Libra. If the degree of the natal Moon lies at a point lower than the 9th degree, then results may show before the eclipse. If the natal Moon’s degree of longitude is greater than the 12th degree, then effects could be felt after the date of the eclipse. Since the first eclipse in the threesome is a lunar (and not solar) eclipse, this softens the effects of the consecutive two eclipses and can actually make the event auspicious for spiritual advancement.

Some more bad news: the chart of the eclipse shows extreme action in the signs of Aries and Libra with seven planets of the nava-grahas posited in these two signs. With Virgo rising at the point of eclipse, Libra becomes the 2nd house which is a maraka-stan or death-inflicting house. Therein we find Rahu attacking the Moon with Saturn standing by to assure that the malefic effects will be long term. Facing off with just as much hostility on the other side of the axis in fiery Aries, the 8th house of death or mrityustan for Kanya lagna, we find the beleaguered Sun, Ketu, Mars and Venus. Both Venus and Mars are “burnt” by the Sun, or combust. Each planet is in graha-yudha with all others in the axis. In short, not only is the planet of universal nourishment, Moon—the Jiva of the world—eclipsed, but the other planets are tortured and at war each with all others locked in the Mesha / Tula axis. This is the worst case scenario for graha-yudha, planetary fight. Here on earth the picture is as though the demons of a fiery hell, many of whom hold powerful positions all over the world, have a carte blanche to do carry on as they like with the blessings of Kali.

Since both Libra and Aries are movable signs, they can “cause” people to act on impulse. And since a maraka (death-inflicting) house and the actual 8th house of death (the mrityustan) itself are involved, the news will carry many reports of strange deaths individually as well as en masse. Countries that are influenced by Libra and Aries will attract attention with fearful headlines. Some of these countries are China and the Orient (Libra) as well as Britain, Germany and Serbia (Aries).

Mass shootings will become popular again as well as explosions at military, gasoline or chemical facilities. Some volcanic eruptions and earthquakes throughout the world will hit the headlines. Wars will break out with new ferocity in Africa and the Middle East with the possibility of heretofore peaceful countries becoming drawn into the vicious cycle by the world’s shadow government ruled by the shadowy Rahu. Tension will continue to hang over North Korea for several months as saber rattling finds new crescendo. The international war machine continues to eye Iran with pointed scrutiny and real dangers lie there though an actual nuclear engagement seems remote. There are likely to be several major air disasters in the coming weeks. Devotees should travel with extreme care and must avoid dangerous journeys. No journeys should be scheduled around the eclipse dates. I do not like to remind the Prabhus that the last eclipse cluster which involved Scorpio, so sensitive to ISKCON saw three instances of devotee mass death via air, road and water.

• Eclipse # 2: The second eclipse is an annular Solar event occurring on May 10th 2013. Greatest visibility of this eclipse lies over the Pacific Ocean. Some of Rahu’s handiwork will be visible in Indonesia, Eastern Australia and New Guinea. The eclipse begins at 22:33 pm Universal time. This puts the rising sign at Scorpio, sensitive to ISKCON.

Anyone born under Sun sign Mesha the ram may be subject to problems in the months prior and following the eclipse. Since the chart at the time of the eclipse shows Scorpio rising, therefore the eclipsed axis of Libra / Aries is thus positioned in the 6th and 12th houses, two of the three dustans or “evil houses.” Aries occupies the 6th house of disease where we find Sun, Mars and Ketu. This position indicates mass epidemics or poisonings and some of them will be carried via the wind. The world government plans to continue creating a dependency of GMO’s and dangerous chemical pesticides, vaccination programs in the name of humanitarian progress and other means of mass torture even as public outcries against them rise.

An eclipse of this magnitude in the axis of Libra / Aries heralds trouble in the regions of northern Europe, and in particular the Scandinavian region. Problems in Iceland will also surface. The problems in the Middle East will escalate. India is also under scrutiny; while Indonesia, West and South Australia will also suffer some untoward results. Eastern Canada, Florida, Cuba and Central America will also suffer various sorts of setbacks. Russia and its capital Moscow will come under verbal attacks. Some popular themes of this eclipse are guns ruled and war by Aries and gay and sexual issues ruled by Libra, as well as mass deaths due to poisons.

• Eclipse # 3: The third eclipse of the vehement cluster is a penumbral lunar eclipse occurring on May 25th. The greatest portion of the eclipse occurs over Central and South America. The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recently is a precursor of events to come in the region. The effects of the eclipse will continue to affect the region in the months to follow. The eclipse will also be visible in North America, West Africa and Western Europe.

The eclipse of the Moon occurs in Scorpio and specifically in the nakshatra of Anuradha. Those persons born under Anuradha should be particularly carefully during the weeks around the eclipse. You Scorpios recently entered into your 7_ year sade sati cycle (which began in November of 2013) and with this eclipse you must be especially guarded. You must adopt a circumspective tact.

Pisces rises at the time of the eclipse. This means that the debilitated Moon becomes eclipsed in the 9th house of dharma, fortune and spirituality in general. This could be a warning to all spiritual practitioners, including the devotees of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. Again, there were several instances of mass devotee deaths in avoidable accidents during the eclipse twosome of last summer involving Scorpio, and this series is even worse than that. The spiritual practices of our Society could be attacked in many possible ways by the demons both within and without. This last eclipse will draw the world’s attention to Australia. Some violent headlines will rock central Africa and Eastern Europe.

As we have reminded our readers so many times, it is never advisable to become exposed to the poisonous rays of the Sun or Moon while the eclipse is in force. Rather, it is best to remain indoors and take shelter of the mahamantra.

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