Vrindavana Album

Vrindavana Album back coverVrindavana Album front cover
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There are two versions of this LP: one produced by devotees in France and the other by devotees in Netherlands, though reportedly identical except for a slight variance in cover printing. The Holland production came with an insert giving the lyrics and translations (in Dutch). Vocals by Kausalya devi dasi (“Sri Rupa Manjari”, “Srita Kamala”, “Manasa Deha Geha”), Manibandha das (“Manasa Deha Geha”, “Gopinatha”), Achyutananda Swami (“Bhaja Hunre Mana”, “Kesava Kali Mala”) and the assembled devotees (“Hare Krsna Kirtan”). Read more about it: Classic ISKCON Vinyl – Vrindavana LP from France and/or Holland.
Vrindavana Album insert 1Vrindavana Album insert 2-3Vrindavana Album insert 4
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01 – Sri Rupa Manjari Pada
MP3 – 05:27, 7.6 MB
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02 – Manasa Deha Geha
MP3 – 04:54, 7.2 MB
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03 – Bhaja Hunre Mana
MP3 – 04:50, 7.9 MB
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04 – Gopinatha
MP3 – 04:26, 8 MB
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05 – Srita Kamala
MP3 – 04:03, 5.7 MB
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06 – Kesava Kali Mala
MP3 – 04:26, 7.4 MB
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07 – Manasa Deha Geha
MP3 – 07:19, 11.1 MB
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08 – Hare Krishna Kirtan
MP3 – 04:21, 7.4 MB
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