Hare Krishna Festival LP – HKR1003

Hare Krishna FestivalHare Krishna Festival
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Produced by Hansadutta & the German Yatra, circa 1974. There were a number of record albums produced under the title “Hare Krishna Festival”, all by the German devotees around this same time. Hansadutta leading, except for “Tulasi Prayer”, sung by a female vocalist, Krishna Premi.

The devotees released 7-inch vinyls and LPs, with some of the tracks reproduced from earlier recordings. So there is some overlapping of recordings among the Hare Krishna Festival releases.

01 – Vande Ham
MP3 – 05:27, 7.6 MB
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02 – Tulasi Prayer
MP3 – 03:42, 3.6 MB
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03 – Jaya Radhe, Jaya Krishna
MP3 – 06:03, 5.9 MB
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04 – Vande Ham
MP3 – 05:05, 4.8 MB
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