Gopinatha single, Govinda LP

Here we have a single, “Gopinatha”, and LP, “Govinda”, from America’s west coast contingent of devotees.

Govinda AlbumGovinda Album
Govinda insert bGovinda insert a
Gopinatha AlbumGopinatha Album
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Download both Single & Album (RAR/77.4 MB)

The single, a “Radha Krishna Temple Los Angeles” production, came out in 1975 and features vocals by Agnidev (side A) and Mangalananda (side B). The LP came out in 1973, and again in 1975, featuring Srila Prabhupada, who sings, plays harmonium and kartals. Read more about it: Classic ISKCON Vinyl – Radha Krishna Temple (Los Angeles) – “Gopinatha”.

Eric Swanger points out that most of the 1970’s Hare Krishna albums were produced in Europe. This one, however, was produced by Golden Avatar out of Los Angeles, and borrowed the name of the earlier (1969) and more famous “Radha Krishna Temple” featuring George Harrison. After this record was released, Golden Avatar went on to focus mostly on producing cassette tapes.
Gopinatha side 1Gopinatha side 2

Gopinath Single

01 – Gopinatha
MP3 – 02:53, 4.2 MB
Listen | Download

02 – Ohe Vaishnava Thakur
MP3 – 03:45, 5.2 MB
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Govinda LP

01 – Prayer to the Six Goswamis
MP3 – 12:42, 21.5 MB
Listen | Download

02 – Gour and Nitai
MP3 – 06:48, 10.6 MB
Listen | Download

03 – Cintamani
MP3 – 08:54, 14.9 MB
Listen | Download

04 – Chintamani Text
MP3 – 11:46, 18.3 MB
Listen | Download

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