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Signs of worse to come – rivers disappearing, global warming

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China The Australian – EMILY FORD – Mar 30, 2013 ABOUT 28,000 rivers have disappeared from China’s state maps, an absence seized upon by environmentalists as evidence of the irreversible natural cost of … more

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Happy cows for happy humanity

Holy cow! Small is beautiful The Hindu – P. SAINATH – Jan 5, 2011 The 72-year-old former school teacher scoffs at the official mind-set on cattle. “The cow for them is just a milk-production machine” he says. “Their view has … more

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When butter runs out – taste of the future

UPDATE: Things are getting desperate in Norway. Sweden safe while butter shortage hits Norway The Local – Dec 11, 2011 A Russian man was caught on Friday trying to bring 90 kilogrammes of butter over the Swedish border to Norway … more

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Cleaning up the Greek ruins

Complicity and betrayal mark the implosion of Greece, and Greece is not going to fall down alone. Yet the responsible parties will get away with it, while we let them. Just another instance of the cheaters and the cheated.

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