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Mars One: How to boldly go and get voted off the planet

Globe and Mail – May 12, 2013

We are not diminishing the ambitions of Mars One, a $6-billion plan to send the first human settlers on a one-way trip to Mars in 2023. A not-for-profit group called the Mars One Foundation will fund the mission by broadcasting it from start to finish on television and over the Internet via a very-much-for-profit company called Interplanetary Media Group. The majority shareholder in IMG is the Mars One Foundation, which will also be the sole owner, operator and employer on Mars – unless any pre-existing proprietors are discovered upon arrival. Go to story

78,000 apply to leave Earth forever to live on Mars

NBC News – Mike Wall, – May 12, 2013

Mars One charges an application fee, which ranges from $5 to $75 depending on the wealth of the applicant’s home country. United States citizens pay $38, Lansdorp said. Go to story

Variation on an old theme: somehow or other, get money
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1:36 PM on May 13, 2013
I sitll [sic] don’t get how they are going to fund this. My guess is they don’t have any intention on actually going through with it but will just try and make money off the reality show before saying they don’t have the funds for the actual mission. The money from the show will fund a small fraction of the total cost so unless they have a source on another $5.95 billion dollars, this is all just a stunt to make a quick buck.

excerpt from lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam Canto 1, Chapter 2, Verse 25, Los Angeles, August 28, 1972:

Mischievous, miscreants, simply wasting money. They’re taking huge salary, huge research fees from the government, and simply misleading persons. That is their business. Miscreants. Actually, they want money, but to take the money he has to bluff. Without bluffing, how he can take money? Then they will present themselves: “I am great scientist, I am great philosopher, so give me money, millions of dollars. I’ll go to the moon planet, I’ll go to the Mars,” and taking money and wasting. And because we are rascals, we are also: “Oh, they are making so much advancement, yes.” Andhā yathāndhair upanīyamānāḥ [SB 7.5.31: “As blind men guided by another blind man miss the right path and fall into a ditch…”]. We are following blind leaders. Because we are blind, we do not know. This is the position. Andhā yathāndhair upanīyamānāḥ. So we have to open our eyes.

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