Solutions beget problems beget solutions beget problems…

Abyss of Uncertainty: Germany’s Homemade Nuclear Waste Disaster


Some 126,000 barrels of nuclear waste have been dumped in the Asse II salt mine over the last 50 years. German politicians are pushing for a law promising their removal. But the safety, technical and financial hurdles are enormous, and experts warn that removal is more dangerous than leaving them put. Go to story


Now 6 Tanks Are Leaking Radioactive Waste At America’s Most Contaminated Site

Business Insider – MICHAEL KELLEY – Feb 22, 2013

There are 177 tanks holding nuclear waste at the Hanford site, 149 of which are single shelled. All have outlived their 20-year life expectancy.

The site, part of the top-secret Manhattan Project, was built to prepare plutonium for atomic bombs in the 1940s. The tanks hold millions of gallons of radioactive stew. Go to story

Man’s attempts to adjust to the problems that nature presents create new problems worse than the original problems.

For every situation there is an intelligent plan. Due to ignorance we take everything for granted. Everything has meaning, but we do not see the meaning, because we have no knowledge. Just like children have no discrimination, no knowledge of what is what. They see everything as an object of curiosity. A microphone, tape recorder, glass and money are the same to them. Similarly, the scientists see everything as an object of curiosity and sense enjoyment—”Let’s see what will happen if we do this or if we do that. Let’s go to the bottom of the ocean. Let’s go to the moon. Let’s operate, let’s experiment, let’s dissect, let’s give an injection.” Material scientists are creating so many disturbances. Every atom is arranged by the Lord and His agents. At present the scientists are splitting the atom, disturbing the atomic structure, and the result is catastrophic. They are tampering with something that is very dangerous in the name of nuclear energy.

Every action has a reaction, so on the one side we get atomic energy, while on the other side we get atomic waste, which is highly toxic and cannot be disposed of in any way for hundreds and thousands of years. They are doing all this nonsense in the name of science. This is true in every field of activity. On the one side people are enjoying sex, and the result is pregnancy. They eat sumptuous food and drink, and the result is disease. People do not consider the reactions; they only consider the enjoyment. If we consider the reactions, then enjoyment will have no meaning. Birth means death. What is the use of taking birth if death is the ultimate end? Therefore it is not a matter of taking birth and not dying; it is a matter of remaining in our eternal position. People do not understand the simple principle of action and reaction. They think only of the action. They do not see the reaction, or if they do, they ignore it; therefore they are called ignorant.

Man’s attempts to adjust to the problems that nature presents create new problems worse than the original problems. They then try to solve the new problems, thus creating more problems. In this way they become entangled, creating solutions that create problems.

Spiritual life means to stop this useless struggle against the laws of nature. While we are young and healthy we should accept devotional service and become purified, making this birth our last. When this term of activities comes to an end, we should not be attached to any material thing, because even a slight attachment for something material will bind us to material existence and oblige us to repeat birth and death.

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