Belief does not add up to reality

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I believe matter begets life, life becomes single cells, single cells become strings, strings become chains, chains network. And this is the paradigm that we see throughout the universe. Go to story

excerpt from Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 16.7, Hawaii, February 3, 1975:

The modern scientists, they are of opinion that life comes from matter. We say, “No, life comes from life. Matter comes from life.” This is satyam. I do not know how they get Nobel Prize, putting forward a false theory that life comes from matter. The matter… So why don’t you produce life in the laboratory? Matter is there. Chemicals are there. You mix them and produce a life. When some such chemist is inquired, “Whether you can produce life if I give you the chemicals?” they will immediately say, “That I cannot say.” Then why do you speak like that? So this is asuric. If they accept that everything comes from the living being, then they will have to accept God. So they want to avoid this: “Everything matter.” But that is not the fact. Origin is life. That is explained in the Bhagavad-gita. Krishna says, aham sarvasya prabhavah [Bg. 10.8]. Aham. Krishna is life. He’s not dead matter. So… Now, what to speak of Krishna, you can, if you think of yourself… This material body, how it has developed, such big body? Because the living spark is there. The gigantic material thing grows on the basis of spirit soul. We can understand that. The spirit soul is the basis. Our body, very small particle, spiritual particle, takes shelter in the womb of the mother, and gradually the living spark develops this body. That is our practical experience. And if, some way or other, the living spark is gone… Suppose a dead child is born. It will not grow. It will not change. So this is very simple thing, that on this living being the matter grows, not from matter living being comes in.

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