Synthesizing life: To live or not to live

metal cells?

Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal

Mother Nature Network – BRYAN NELSON – Sep 16, 2011

Researcher says he has created living cells made of metal instead of carbon — and they may be evolving.

Scientists trying to create artificial life generally work under the assumption that life must be carbon-based, but what if a living thing could be made from another element?

One British researcher may have proven that theory, potentially rewriting the book of life. Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow has created lifelike cells from metal — a feat few believed feasible. The discovery opens the door to the possibility that there may be life forms in the universe not based on carbon, reports New Scientist.

Even more remarkable, Cronin has hinted that the metal-based cells may be replicating themselves and evolving. Go to story

They do not know what is life

excerpt from conversation during morning walk, Mauritius, October 2, 1975:

Possibly it helps their cause that until now there is no consensus among scientists as to what exactly the definition of life is…

Creating Life or Faking It?
The whole world of science and technology is running on the false idea that life is born from matter. We cannot allow this nonsensical theory to go unchallenged. Life does not come from matter. Matter is generated from life. This is not theory; it is fact. more

PRABHUPADA: …Big, big scientists, they are thinking that combination of matter can produce life. In spite of so much advanced learning, they do not know what is life. They cannot create life; still, they will theorize. How foolish they are. And as soon as you catch his throat, “Produce life.” “No, we shall do it in future.”

Give credit where credit is due

excerpt from conversation with Svarup Damodar, Atlanta, February 28, 1975:

PRABHUPADA: Process is already going on. What is the use of your research, nonsense? Suppose by chemical combination, if you produce one life… You will never be able. But still, if you think that you will be able or you become able, then what is credit to you? Without your help there, millions and millions of life are being manufactured, without your help. Then what is your credit?

TAMAL KRSNA: Imitating a barking dog.

PRABHUPADA: That’s it. So millions of dogs are barking, and one man has learned how to bark like dog, and people will go to see him by purchasing ticket. This is their foolishness. Suppose if you somehow or other become able to produce life from chemical, then what is your credit? It is like barking dog. Millions of dogs are barking. Now you have learned how to bark like dog. So what is your credit? It may be for the rascal fools that you are scientist, but we are not so rascal.

RUPANUGA: They will clap. The fools will clap.

PRABHUPADA: Yes. Yes. “How nice barking. Oh, how he has learned to bark.” Just see. We are not so fools. Krishna yei bhaje sei bado chatura: “The first-class intelligent man is he who is Krishna conscious.” Sei bado chatura. All rascals. Krishna said, na mam dushkritinah mudhah. “Oh? Also very scientist?” Mayayapahrita-jñana: “They have no knowledge, all rascals.” Krishna says. Mayayapahrita-jñana, that he is not thinking, that “Suppose I can produce life by chemical combination, then what is my credit? The life is already there. It is going on very nicely.” What do you think, Balavanta? If the things are going on nicely, then where is my credit? Either you say, “by chance,” or “by God’s arrangement,” “by nature,” but things are going on nicely. So it is same thing, to learn how to bark, that’s all. Barking is going on, but he wants to take credit by learning how to bark. That’s all.

MADHAVA: They try to imitate God.

PRABHUPADA: That’s all. That he cannot, and that is his foolishness. Therefore we say that you are cheating. Things are already there, going on. What is your credit?

RUPANUGA: The scientists are trying to be the hero. Krishna is the hero. He has done everything first, and the scientist wants to be the hero.

PRABHUPADA: So you have to present like this, that “What is the credit? Suppose by chemical composition you can manufacture one ant. That is not possible. Be assured you will never be able. That we are assured. But even if you are able, then what is your credit? The credit is the man has learned how to bark like a dog. That’s all, this much credit.”

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