When butter runs out – taste of the future

UPDATE: Things are getting desperate in Norway.

Sweden safe while butter shortage hits Norway

The Local – Dec 11, 2011

A Russian man was caught on Friday trying to bring 90 kilogrammes of butter over the Swedish border to Norway without paying the custom duty. Go to story

baffled cows

Got butter?

Diet craze leaves Norwegians starved of butter

Yahoo! News (Reuters) – BALAZS KORANYI – Dec 8, 2011

The soaring popularity of a fat-rich fad diet has depleted stocks of butter in Norway creating a looming Christmas culinary crisis.

Norwegians have eaten up the country’s entire stockpile of butter, partly as the result of a “low-carb” diet sweeping the Nordic nation which emphasizes a higher intake of fats.

“Sales all of a sudden just soared, 20 percent in October then 30 percent in November,” said Lars Galtung, the head of communications at TINE, the country’s biggest farmer-owned cooperative.

A wet summer which reduced the quality of animal feed and cut milk output by 25 million litres had already limited supplies and the shortage has led some pundits to suggest the world’s eighth-largest oil exporter offer some of its plentiful fuel supply in exchange for butter.

“Norwegians are not afraid of natural fats, they love their butter and cream,” Galtung told Reuters.

Butter is now selling on Norway’s top auction website, with a 250-gram piece starting at around $13, roughly four times its normal price. Go to story

Because our cows know very well that we are not going to kill them, they are happy, and they give ample milk.

excerpt from lecture on Bhagavad-gita 3.11-19, Los Angeles, December 27, 1968:

GUEST: You said that as the age of Kali-yuga progresses there’ll be no more butter.

PRABHUPADA: Yes, it has already begun. You are killing cows, the source of butter. Now, time will come, there will be no more cows. Misusing. And then where you will get butter? You cannot manufacture in your factory a cow or butter.

GUEST: We can take care of cows, can’t we?

PRABHUPADA: You should. Otherwise you are ungrateful. You are drinking milk, you are taking so much butter, milk product, and as gratitude you are killing cows? You should be ashamed. Even if you have no human feelings. You suck the breast of your mother and kill? Is that humanity?

So this will be, in due course, the milk supply will be stopped. That is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. There will be no more milk supply at the end of this Kali-yuga. Three, four things will be stopped—grains, sugar, and milk will be stopped. And fruits will not be… Without any pulp. It will be simply seed. Just like in mango there is seed and pulp. In future you’ll simply have seed, no pulp. So you’ll eat mango simply by tasting the seed. There will be no more mango pulp. These are stated in the Bhagavatam.
So people are so foolish that they are continually committing sinful activities. Therefore yajña is recommended. But they cannot perform yajña also. The only alternative is to take to Krishna consciousness to save you from all risky life. Yes.

REVATINANDAN: So when… When they say they have a surplus of grains now, they are burning these great mounds of grains, this means that in the future there will be no grains for this country to eat?

PRABHUPADA: Yes. As soon as you make misuse, the supply will be stopped. After all, the supply is not in your control. You cannot manufacture all these things. You can kill thousands of cows daily, but you cannot generate even one ant. And you are very much proud of your science. You see. Just produce one ant in the laboratory, moving, with independence. And you are killing so many animals? Why? So how long this will go on? Everything will be stopped. Just like a child. Mother is giving good, nice foodstuff, and he’s spoiling. So what the mother will do? “All right. From tomorrow you’ll not get.” That is natural.

JAYA GOPAL: Is it true that Krishna has all these things in each planet simply because of the presence of a pure devotee?

PRABHUPADA: No. Krishna appears not in consideration of this planet, but just like there is a headquarter of the governor or some government officer in the particular place. Similarly, when Krishna appears in this universe, He comes in this planet in that Mathura-Vrindavan. Therefore it is called so sanctified. Whenever He appears, He appears there. And that Vrindavan happens to be situated within this planet. So this planet is very fortunate in that sense. Yes. Yes?

GUEST: When the people realize there’s no more butter will they get attached to other things or will they realize the mistake they made?

PRABHUPADA: What is that?

GUEST: When people realize, when there’s no more butter, will people realize they’ve made a mistake or will they get attached to something else?

PRABHUPADA: A sinful, sinful man never realizes his mistake. Therefore he’s miscreant. You ask any miscreant, any criminal, “So you have done wrong,” he’ll be angry. Upadesho hi murkhanam prakopaya na shantaye. So the miscreants and sinful, they cannot realize unless they are in good association and blessed. So therefore good association required. We are giving chance, this temple is open to give people good association. “Please come, try to understand.” If one is fortunate he understands, he takes to this principle and thus becomes, I mean to say, purified gradually.

Therefore in this age Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has recommended that you do not require to change your position. You simply try to hear about Krishna from the rightful source. That’s all. Then everything will be all right gradually.

Everyone of us are mistaken or whatever you may call, but Krishna is so kind that He gives His book, Bhagavad-gita, He sends His representative, He comes Himself as Lord Chaitanya to deliver us. He sends Lord Jesus Christ. So so many arrangement, but we don’t take advantage. We are so fool and sinful. But still, the propaganda will go on.

Just like father, however misguided a son may be, whenever the father gets a chance, he says, “My dear son, you don’t do this. It is not good. You do this.” So that is the duty of the father. Similarly, we are bent upon continuing our sinful activities but there is sufficient arrangement by Krishna to instruct us and to lead us back to Godhead, back to home.

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