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1970s Kirtans from the German Yatra

We have several record covers from the 1970’s up on The Bhaktivedantas website on the krsnaTunes page, available for downloading or streaming. I believe Urdhvaga also has posted some of these up at Vaishnava Gemeinde – Forum Deutscher Devotees. These … more

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Hare Krishna Mantra: Kirtan

Hansadutta at Santa Rosa Junior College (Part 1/10) Guest speaker to Professor Carla Grady’s Asian Philosophy Class September 27, 2010 An essential part of or presentation in terms of philosophy and spiritual subject matters, is to precede it with kirtan. … more

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The Maha Mantra – Hansadutta presents the science of Krishna Consciousness

University of California at Berkeley, Professor Sherri Roush’s class on Epistemology Sep 24, 2010 (Part 1 of 9) It’s our tradition, or it’s an essential part of the program to chant the maha-mantra. … The whole idea is to chant … more

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Kirtan on Blake Street

On Thursday night, April 29th, Gadadhara das organized an evening of kirtan and prasadam at Blake Street, Berkeley. Hansadutta das led the kirtan. Watch us at Youtube/allkrsna.

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Kirtan purifies the heart and mind

People need to be exposed to kirtan. Kirtan purifies and pacifies the mind and heart so they can begin to comprehend Krishna consciousness. Without that, their minds are so polluted and scattered they cannot understand. Even whatever you say may … more

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