To print or not to print


Euro Schizophrenia in Germany

Zero Hedge – WOLF RICHTER – Nov 21, 2011

Merkel’s government is under immense worldwide pressure, and fewer of its members are speaking out against Inflationspolitik. Countries like Spain are practically begging for help from the ECB. France is applying hefty pressure. And the US has been leaning on Germany from day one.

In the media, resistance to printing money is being replaced by neutrality or even sympathy. It’s about how to prevent “the worst.” And my German contacts? To keep the euro alive, they’re considering the steep costs of printing money. They may not want to bail out Greece, but they do want to save the euro.

Germany has a plan D, however: exit the Eurozone and start a mini-Eurozone of like-minded states who believe in the exotic concept that a currency shouldn’t lose its value. Go to story

My opinion is the all around pressure from USA etc. will force Germany to print money. Let’s see what happens. The only other option is to follow the Third Reich.

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