Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

US in Afghanistan

US-Are You With or Against Pakistan?

Opinion Maker – S.M. HALI – Sep 14, 2011

In retaliation to 9/11, USA unleashed a ‘Shock and Awe’ crusade against Taliban to expeditiously defeat them but success evaded them as Taliban proved more resilient than US expectations. A decade on, US defeat at the hands of rag-tag Afghan Taliban is an embarrassing truth for the world’s sole super power. Instead of accepting the reality, cutting its losses and devising a strategy for a negotiated settlement, the US has opted for bizarre arrangements, envisaging back door negotiation with Taliban without involving Pakistan, pulling-out major part of troops by end 2013 but retaining 10 – 15000 strength, comprising Special Forces (SF) and Marines. SF will hold the bases at Kabul, Kandahar and Herat. US Military pundits have propounded the extended use of drones and employing SF for surgical operations. Such operations will be particularly focused on Pakistan. This has already pushed Pak-US relations to the brink. Under public pressure, Pakistan is left with no option but to retaliate against deliberate violation of her sovereignty. Go to story

Pakistan, the country, was created by the spiteful diplomacy of the British who were forced to give up control of India by the intelligent Netaji Subhas Chandra Bhose, who organized the Sikh and Ghurka soldiers of the British armies and used them as frontline soldiers in WW II. They surrendered by the thousands to Japansese and German forces when they knew that they would be turned over to Netaji to fight the British in India.

Jawaharlal Nehru betrayed Mahatma Ghandi and agreed to the partition of Hindustan (India) and Pakistan (Muslim state), because he was deliberately seduced by Edwina, the wife of Mountbatten, who was deputed to oversee the partition of India and Pakistan as the last Viceroy of India. (Years later he was blown to bits on his sailing ship.)

Jinnah, a clever politician, was used as a pawn for Britain to give a last political – spiteful – parting kick on the face of India.

In other words, both India and Pakistan are two nations of fools, led by their great fool leaders, J. Nehru (India) and Jinnah (Pakistan). The two nations were created for these fools by the greatest foolish leaders in modern history, the rulers of Great Britain (the poorhouse of Europe — What do they rule now???). So it is a case of the great fools leading the small fools, and both great and small fools have fallen, and continue to fall over and over into the ditch of foolishness.

Of course, if one continues to be a fool, even after he has been fooled for decades to repeatedly fall into the fool’s ditch, then that is the proper reward for great and small fools.

Pakistan and India are living in a “fool’s paradise”, and the author of this article is a fool falling into the ditch of fools along with all the other millions before him. FOOL’S PARADISE. Americans, British, Germans and all the western powers have exploited India, Pakistan, Afghanisthan and the Middle East countries for centuries. They continue to do so to the present day. And still you are chasing after the carrot they dangle before you, like the washerman dangles some grass or carrot before the donkey, who thinks, “Just one more step, and I will get the carrot or grass” — which he can get anywhere freely, without carrying the heavy loads of the washerman.

You are so fool. Only a fool cannot see the foolishness of the other fools. Fool’s paradise — what more can be said? You are all big and small fools. A fool is a fool, no matter how big he may be in the eyes of other millions of fools, just as stool is stool, either the upside, which is dry or the downside, which is wet. A fool will think, “Oh, this upside of stool is dry, it is very good; this downside is wet, it is bad.” The fool cannot see that stool, either dry or wet, is after all STOOL. This is the logic failing in “THE FOOL.” It is really pathetic.

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