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Here we have a Reddit headline:
“It is possible Egypt’s dictator has simply been replaced by a military junta trained by the CIA leaving the citizens no better than before with Mubarak.”

With link to this article:

BBC photo, Feb, 2011

Democracy In Egypt An Uncertainty, Analysts Fear
JENNIFER LUDDEN (NPR – Feb 11, 2011)
Egyptians welcomed military rule Friday with a massive display of joy.

Protesters across Cairo reveled at the victory they had wrought, and Egyptian reporters on cable TV channels were reduced to tears as they sought to convey their happiness.

But many questions remain about what comes next — and there are strong doubts about whether military rule will lead to the demonstrators’ ultimate goal: a credible transition to democracy.

And farther down the page:

Jason Brownlee, of the University of Texas, Austin, questions whether Egypt’s military really has a sovereign, civilian government in mind.

“I don’t see evidence the military is willing to go backstage,” he says. The message could be “we’ve heard you, we’ve responded, congratulations, now go home.”

And surprise, surprise:

In a strange public-private alliance forged decades ago, Egyptian military officers own a share in just about every industry in the country, from road construction to car assembly to tourism. This could lead to a serious clash with protesters who’ve been calling for an end to corruption and for Mubarak to be put on trial.

Here’s a snippet from an email exchange I had just yesterday with Rashid about the goings-on over in Egypt:

The so-called Egyptian revolution is comparable to the prison warden letting all San Quentin prison inmates out of their cells for the weekly one-hour yard exercise. People are so foolish. But what can be done? “Fools in a fool’s paradise.”

In sociology studies there is what is known as the “Iron Law of Oligarchy.” It shows or points out that each successive wave of ascending leadership is more mediocre and corrupt than the one preceding it.

Received from Rashid:
>True the interim ‘military ‘ leader now Tantawi described by WikiLeaks:

“U.S. Embassy cables released by WikiLeaks contain multiple references to Tantawi, his relationship with Mubarak and they way he is viewed by other Egyptian military officials.

One cable described him as “frozen in the Camp David paradigm and uncomfortable with our shift to the post-9/11 global war on terror.” Another quoted an unnamed Egyptian officer, who joked that Tantawi “looks like a bureaucrat.”

That cable went on to say he is openly mocked at clubs in Cairo where midlevel officers gather. The cable claimed these officers mock him openly as “incompetent” and as “Mubarak’s poodle”…

>Obama’s saying the Egyptian have spoken, and yet there is another >Mubarak – well, his poodle. lol I feel sorry for those zombies at Tahrir >Square. I would say viva Revolution ehummm!

Rashid, Hare Krishna. Vedic literatures are standard and original handbooks ( The oldest books of knowledge in human society ) for guiding human society towards achieving the ultimate goal of human life. Namely re-establishing their individual relation ship with the supreme being. Thus Vedas give directions for all fields of human endeavor, including how to organize government, economics, agriculture, chemistry, politics, morals, ethics, law, art, music etc. Due to the degrading influence of Kali Yuga (Age of quarrel, atheism and iron industry) the knowledge of Vedas has been adulterated and for the most part disregarded.

The fact remains that government administration, economics and all other field of human social intercourse are regulated by standard principles. Just as mathematics, chemistry, engineering and other professional fields are under standard procedures and knowledge. It is not meant for experiment and speculation; there are standards. Similarly, politics, art, music, finance, logic, reason, marriage, architecture, etc. — all of them have standard techniques, rules and regulations meant to help the human society achieve their aim with the least amount of effort and maximum success. Unfortunately, everyone simply speculates and invents his own ways, whimsically. The result is worldwide chaos and confusion. It is a very chaotic situation.

Instead of gold and silver coins, the whole world has been duped into exchanging paper money for article of substantial value and necessity, like food, clothing and shelter. This era is now coming to it’s ultimate conclusion: disaster and grief, worldwide.

You are young, intelligent and also thoughtful. Please, I implore you, study the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, and Krishna. I don’t expect that you will take everything I say blindly. I am a student only, with shortcomings. Prabhupada is genuine and authorized. Please consider him seriously. If you have any reservation (which is quite natural), you can ask anything, any time. I was trained for that. Please never think you are troubling me. I am always prepared to discuss and answer any and everything that comes to your mind and intelligence.


Hansadutta das

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