Seeing by grace of Prabhupada

Received an email of appreciation today from Chakreshwara Goswami:

Dear Hansaduttaji,

My Parnams to you. I have found your address on website and I am writing to you because I am much appreciative of your point of view. Why I like your viewpoint is you are most astute in thought and perception. It is great that you knew INDIAN SAINT Shri Shrila Prabhupada in such closeness and intimacy. By seeing your web site I am convinced now of BOGUS lunar landing. Words of saint cannot be broken by bluffers claiming false TAMO GUNA in guise of science. Also economic crisis based upon false American system of COUNTERFEIT wealth is very good to read. By such considerations of bank fraud on the part of asuric money manipulators America has risen to rank as richest country although it is a cracked eggshell ready to implode and drown the nation rich in credit DEBT only. Such astute observation are use for common man to help appreciate his true wealth in form of PUNYA and from practical point of view food production land. The latter point is sorely lacked in America with all food product in hands of few greedy individuals. Now Kali has been seated in White House so worse of YUGA can be expect anytime now.

Thank you for your astute website and I continue to make new discoveries from your exposition of all angles of thought.

Yours truly
Chakreshwara Goswami

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