Want your fortune told?

crystal globeI can tell everyone’s fortune, even my own….

There is BIRTH and DEATH, in between there is OLD AGE and DISEASE, and baked into this sweet cake of life (KUCHEN) are three other ingredients, adhyatmika, adhidaivika, adhibhautika*.

The cake of life is eaten with six other preparations, they are: lust, anger, greed, lamentation and illusion, topped off with a strong cup of MADNESS like a cup of strong coffee as in a German Kaffeestube, where friends, lovers and countrymen gather to “chit-chat” (Kaffeeklatsch) prajalpa** about their birth, death, old age and diseases, oblivious that their small spot of life is dwindling away, like the sand running down in an hour glass.

When the Kaffeeklatsch is over, the friends, lovers and countrymen will disperse, each going their own way to pursue various plans and schemes for counteracting the problems and obstacles encountered while dreaming and hoping for romantic, economic and social harmony bliss and happiness. The plans are gorgeous, bombastic, idealistic and utopian, all aiming at avoiding the perpetual sufferings which keep appearing – unasked for – in the course of the human society both, past and at the present.

Some of these plans are very ambitious, such as STOPPING OLD AGE, DEATH, DISEASE AND BIRTH – BY ABORTION. Other plans such as going to the Moon and Mars, creating a classless society, equal status for women with men, same-sex marriage, and creating LIFE from chemicals are also high on their agenda.

They award each other prizes, such as MAN OF THE YEAR – NOBEL PEACE PRIZE – ACADEMY AWARDS – SEXIEST MAN ALIVE and many others, but till now even great, powerful and intelligent men have been unable to survive the four great obstacles – BIRTH, DEATH, OLD AGE AND DISEASE.

Einstein, although highly honored for his extraordinary intelligence, could not create a brain in duplication of his own, or find the MISSING ingredient (a pill perhaps) that when swallowed would make him live forever. Napoleon, Hitler, Kennedy, Mao Zedong, none of them could save themselves from these four principles. Neither will I nor anyone in the future.

So this is my fortune telling ability. I am always 100% per cent accurate.

Unfortunately I cannot earn a good living as a fortune teller, because most people are so busy pursuing happiness and trying to avoid distress that they have no time to hear my predictions.

So I have to be satisfied with whatever comes my way by the grace of God – Krishna, and Srila Prabhupada.

* – The threefold miseries of material life: adhyatmika (miseries arising from one’s own body or mind, such as deformity, weak constitution, forgetfulness, mental disturbance), adhibhautika (miseries inflicted by other living beings, such as mosquito bite, travails of family life, etc.) and adhidaivika (miseries brought by the gods, such as earthquake, flood, drought, pestilence, etc).

**Prajalpa means frivolous or unnecessary talks unrelated to Krishna consciousness or the pursuit of self realization. Srila Prabhupada wrote in Nectar of Instruction:

Another impediment is prajalpa, unnecessary talking. When we mix with a few friends, we immediately begin unnecessary talking, sounding just like croaking toads. If we must talk, we should talk about the Krishna consciousness movement. Those outside of the Krishna consciousness movement are interested in reading heaps of newspapers, magazines and novels, solving crossword puzzles and doing many other nonsensical things. In this fashion people simply waste their valuable time and energy. In the Western countries old men, retired from active life, play cards, fish, watch television and debate about useless socio-political schemes. All these and other frivolous activities are included in the prajalpa category. Intelligent persons interested in Krishna consciousness should never take part in such activities.

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