Potency of Sound

Value a Sound! A faithless person scoffs at the idea of chanting the Holy Name. Such persons say, “Any sound repeated long enough will produce a hypnotic effect.” But we contend that each sound, just as any other element in our experience, has its own INTRINSIC potency. Take sugar and salt. It may appear similar to the eye, but there is a world of difference between salt and sugar. Take paper. There is a world of difference between the newspaper, toilet paper or paper money, and again there is a great difference in the paper imprinted with a one dollar face and one printed with a hundred dollar face, and even more difference between one hundred paper note and a paper of similar size in the form of a CASHIER’S CHEQUE for one million dollars. The bodily fluids have different potencies, although superficially appearing from the same body and same hole. URINE and SEMEN of a man are certainly different in potencies. So in the same way, sounds are also of different potencies. The sound of FOUL LANGUAGE uttered by a disoriented drunkard and the sound of a polite lady or gentleman are certainly of different potencies. So it is not difficult to understand that the SOUND of the SUPREME BEING (Krishna) is the most POTENT (POWERFUL and PURE) sound. In fact, the SOUND of GOD’S NAME and HIS PERSON are IDENTICAL. There is no difference, no DISCORD between GOD and the SOUND of HIS NAME.

In Gita, Arjuna says, “The whole world becomes joyful hearing Your name and thus do all become attached to You.” In other words, VIBRATING the HOLY NAME of KRISHNA brings one gradually into perfect RESONANCE (harmony, unity, yoga) with the Personality of Godhead, and thus by His grace, everything is understood (both material and spiritual) without separate (empiricists researchers, speculators, yogis) endeavor.

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