Transparency in representation

The perfection of the part is in how it expresses the purpose of the whole. Every living being is an infinitesimal part of the whole living being (Krishna) and his individuality is perfected only in as much He allows the purpose and glory of the whole living being to express himself through his infinitesimal self.

The Guru is like the hands on a watch. He shows the purpose of the whole watch. He is not the watch; but he shows what time the watch has reached.

An agate is not red or blue in and of itself. Rather, it reflects red or blue rays of the sun’s light only. Similarly, no one is anything of and by himself. Rather, everyone is the expression of so many other things and beings. Perfection is to express through oneself the infinite purpose and truth of the Supreme Lord.

“By their fruits you shall know them.” So the fruit is nothing but the transformation or expression of an individual tree by the process of assimilating the sun, water, earth, air, etc. of the whole environment. We will know the devotee by how much he expresses Krishna through his speech, chanting the Holy Name, fame, glories, pastimes, etc.

When a devotee (pure devotee) preaches, it is directly the dictation of Krishna from the heart. Scriptural quotations are the confirmation of his transparency. Quoting scriptures like a parrot has no value. The lawyers quote law books to support their legal arguments. Similarly, the pure devotee quotes scripture to support his realizations coming from the transcendental plane—Krishna or previous acharyas. He is transparent medium. He is above scripture. Scripture is his support in the material world.

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