Changing perspective, not position

The devotees’ apparent move to associate by moving into the same geographical area is external only. They actually do not associate spiritually. Because association means on the basis of a common goal—service to Krishna. But they associate not for that service, but for servicing their mundane desire for friendship.

Society and love. They have some sentiment of former association in ISKCON, so they take it that if they just live near one another the same association they experienced in the service of Prabhupada will again be effected.

The whole universe is bearing down upon the infinitesimal living being, who is locked up tight in a particular part (type of body) of this vast machinery of the material nature. His only well being is to resign himself to play the part he has been cast in and pray to the Creator of nature to release him from the cycle of birth and death.

The madness of the conditioned soul is that he is free to do anything and everything when in actuality he cannot do anything except move according to the dictates of the environment of which his frail temporary material body is just an insignificant speck. Liberation simply means waking up to this fact, not escaping the fact as we imagine it.

But spiritual life cannot be confined by any material condition; therefore, it is not necessary, as a neophyte devotee usually misconceives, that one has to change his position (material position). But what is absolutely necessary is that he changes his perspective on what his position actually is. That he is not the body, but that he is merely trapped within that particular body. As soon as this awakening takes place, he can begin his spiritual life. Which means he can accept the body as Krishna’s property (like a prisoner has accepted a prisoner’s suit of clothing) and accept his environment, as the creation of Krishna (prison house) and resign himself to undergo the term of suffering, and enjoying for which he is destined. This is possible if the conditioned soul will regularly chant the Holy Name of God in such humble, resigned state of mind. Mechanical chanting has not much value. There must be humble and resigned state of mind. Chanting with material motive is also not effective.

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