What needs saying

If someone can articulate this basic message—that we’re not this body—illuminating it from a hundred different directions, that will be revolutionary. Because this is the basic platform of the whole thing. This is the pivot of material existence and repeated birth and death. It bears repeating again and again, over and over.

The whole Bhagavatam is comprised of thousands of verses repeating again and again. It’s not academic. And Prabhupada was so simple, direct and to the point. People don’t go to the temple to hear people pontificating about philosophy. Even Prabhupada didn’t come off as a scholar. Sometimes he was more like a talkshow host, many times he was funny.

Instead, everyone now wants to be known as scholarly or esoteric, knowledgeable, and no one wants to say what needs saying.

Our business is to expose and embarrass the scholars and scientists, because this is the vital nerve of the whole misconception of modern human society. If some of them are humiliated and come to their senses and undergo a change of heart, then okay, but what is the use of trying to tactfully cultivate the scholars or scientists, spending years trying to win over one or two persons? And all to no one else’s benefit. Better to expose them, let the whole world see come to its senses. And if one or two persons, scientists come, okay, let them also, but mostly they won’t. At least the rest of the world will benefit.

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