oil priced in gold and dollar

This Gold Slam is a Massive Wealth Transfer from Our Pockets to the Banks

Peak Prosperity – CHRIS MARTENSON – Apr 15, 2013

…There are two things to note in these snippets. The first is that the main ideas being promoted about gold are that it is no longer to be trusted and that somehow the recent move is a result of “risk off” decisions – meaning, conversely, that there is increased trust in the larger financial markets that ‘investors’ are rotating towards. Note that these ideas are exactly the sort of messages that central bankers quite desperately want to have conveyed.

The second observation is even more interesting, namely that the only people quoted work directly for the largest bullion banks in the world. These are the very same outfits that stood to gain enormously if precious metals dropped in price. Of course they are thrilled with the recent sell off. They made billions.

In February, Credit Suisse ‘predicted’ that the gold market had peaked, SocGen said the end of the gold era was upon us, and recently Goldman Sachs told everyone to short the metal. Go to story

The gold price crash is further evidence of market rigging

Telegraph – THOMAS PASCOE – Apr 16, 2013

The facts in the public domain do not justify the sharp fall in the gold price over the past two trading days. At the time of writing, the price per 100oz is $1363, down over $200 since Friday’s open. The scale of the sell-off was the worst in 30 years, with the volatility index standing at the highest level in its history. John Kemp at Reuters has calculated that based on a normal distribution, you would expect to see movements like Monday’s only once in every 500 million trading days, or two million years. The news which would justify such a price swing is curiously absent – in fact, my view is that the market ought to be bullish for gold. Something doesn’t add up. Go to story

As The Dollar Strengthens, Gold And Crude Oil Drop In Tandem

Forbes – ROBERT LENZNER – Apr 16, 2013

I wanted to explain to myself why the price of gold took such a fast sharp plunge, and as the shiny metal is supposed to trade in inverse relation to the dollar, I ran off a chart comparing gold, oil and the dollar from 2003, when gold began its run at about $250 an ounce. Go to story

The value of gold has not declined; the dollar is being propped up.
Watch your money vanish

From gold to paper to digital existence to nothingness…
Gresham’s theory: “Bad money drives away good money.” You know this? This is a economic theory. “Bad money drives away good money.” Because nowadays bad money, that paper money, is going on, that gold coins no more in existence. more

excerpt from interview with New York Times reporter, New Vrindaban, September 2, 1972:

If one gets a diamond, he possesses something valuable. But in this civilization you are simply making plastic plates and plastic cups. Indeed, in Japan I have seen pasteboard homes. And everyone is thinking that he is advanced. Formerly people used to have golden and silver utensils, but now they have plastic ones, and still they are very proud to be so materially advanced. What is your position? You have a bunch of paper and think, “I am a millionaire.” What is the value of that paper? Is that not cheating? However, if we possess gold or diamonds worth a million dollars, that is actual wealth. But we are educated in such a way that we think we are millionaires by paper only. As soon as there is some catastrophe, millions of such dollars could not buy bread. This actually happened in Germany; millions of marks could not purchase one piece of bread. All this is going on in the name of advancement of civilization, and the real purpose of life, God consciousness, is missing. So every thoughtful man should come forward to understand this movement and take it seriously. Why are the people being misled? We just have to try to understand this philosophy, the basic principles of God consciousness.

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